April 12, 2021

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  • Today was a fairly un-Monday morning meaning that things went fairly smoothly. We did start our work a few minutes later than planned because I fell back asleep with the cuddly puppy. During the day she wants little cuddling, but in the mornings she will lay briefly beside us.
  • Graham did well on his math today. He has not gotten back to the hard part where we had to stop and go back a few lessons. He needed a reminder on how to do it, but then he went and did it all by himself. Woohoo, maybe we are finally getting it-just in time to forget it over the summer break.
  • I don't really remember too much most of this morning. Even though we have finished up quite a few things, I am still finishing around 12:30. I am able to do the laundry and dishes during the school day so I guess I do have a little bit more time.
  • Bentley had a vet appointment today. She did great-shots and had her fingernails trimmed. Then she came home and had her heartworm and flea and tick meds. That is probably the reason that she has snoozed most of the day long.
  • We did run to Sams and to Walmart this afternoon after the vet. There is one thing that I need for a gift that I can not find at the Walmarts-it is supposed to be there, but I can never find it. I did just have Robby order it for me online. Speaking of online ordering, around lunch I had him order me two shirts for the boys and by 4 they were sitting at my front door. That is just pretty amazing.
  • The boys earned themselves a little yard work this afternoon. They took 2 tarps full of leaves to the woods-really, I wish we could do this every day and clean up some areas of the yard that we have just neglected. 
  • Anderson did kill some type of snake today. We think it was a garter snake-yikes! I was on the treadmill during all of this. Then I migrated to the kitchen and made some apple crisp to freeze. I am never a fan of my freezer meals, but when I freeze my apple crisp we all really enjoy it.
  • Robby made breakfast quesadillas on the blackstone tonight. It was a delicious meal that we pretty much gobbled up. Afterwards, the neighbors asked if the kids wanted to swim. Campbell and Keaton went over and had a blast swimming until it was dark outside!
  • The rest of the evening was kind of quiet. Robby worked on Reagan's essay for school-it is nice to have a semi-proof reader around. There was even a snack of ice cream so it was a pretty perfect evening.

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