April 14, 2021

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  • For some silly reason I set my alarm for 7:30 this morning. I think that I turned it off before it woke up Bentley, but she is pretty much like clock work so she woke up pretty soon afterwards. She didn't stir during the storm during the night or when the lights blinked though.
  • After she pottied, we all ended up going back to sleep for a little bit. I did laugh while she was pottying that if anyone tried to rob the place and found me outside with her, I would be the one scaring the person away with my crazy bed head.
  • Soon we were all wake and working on our school. Things didn't take too long today at all because Graham had finished his work before we started on our school work. He usually takes the longest, but when I worked with him first the whole day went quicker. Maybe I need him to always wake up before the rest of us and finish his school work.
  • Today a few of our homeschool buddies came over-I think there was around  37 folks at the house today. It was quite a party. Thankfully the ground dried up enough that folks were able to play outside. We celebrated little Landon's birthday so of course there were cupcakes and cake.
  • I had ham and cheese croissants for supper and the other moms brought salad, fruit, chips, salsa and drinks. We had a house full, and it was a definitely a fun afternoon. Everyone stayed until we all had to leave for church. Then we all loaded up with other kids in the cars and headed there.
  • The big kids had a special thing at church tonight-Graham even won a gift card! (though it is to a store that mostly sells women's clothing). They had lots of fun and could have stayed longer at church, but I was ready to get home.
  • Robby had spent the evening cleaning up the mess from the day. I did have an apple crisp to put in the oven, so the Wilsons came over for a little bit. Our little puppies played pretty hard tonight-at least we think they were playing. Next time they play together, I think they need a good long walk together first before they start playing.
  • Robby and I took a while to get the kids in bed since I was working on a cricut project. When it was finally bedtime, I still had the blog to do so I am sure that this is the latest blog in a few days for sure!

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