April 18, 2021

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  • This Sunday morning it wasn't too hard to wake folks up. I had already been upstairs to wake up Reagan and her friends. The second time I just stood at the bottom of the stairs and asked them, "Do I need to come up there in my towel to wake you guys up again?" Reagan was quick to reply that they were awake. I guess I should waltz around in my towel more often to help motivate folks to get up!
  • They packed a lot into church today-baby dedication, baptist, Bible presentation-all my people said that church was pretty full, almost to precovid days. I don't know about that because I was playing with the babies in the nursery. 
  • Afterwards, we had Sunday school-13 kiddos there today. It is certainly good to see folks coming back to church, but there are so many of our regulars who haven't been back yet. We did a craft in Sunday school so we stayed busy the entire time.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house. She had Mexican casserole which is really yummy to me. Plus I like the guacamole and corn salsa that she had as well. After lunch Robby worked on their door bell some while Nonna, Keaton and I played a game. It was a game that I used to love as a kid, but I can't really figure out how to play now. It probably didn't help that we didn't have a dice-instead of using one, Graham just "used an app" on the phone to call out numbers. Though he wasn't really using an app-he was just randomly calling out numbers. His number order was 2, 3, 6 over and over again. It worked out well for me since I was the third roller and received all of his 6s.
  • Back at home, I folded a huge mound of laundry. Laundry on Sunday makes me sour-well, laundry right now, any day of the week, makes me sour. 
  • Then it was time for my afternoon nap. Last week, Bentley was not tired at all and had nothing to do with a nap. I ended up walking her last week, but this week she just snuggled up beside us. I slept so well until Keaton came to ask me if they could go swimming.
  • Yep, swimming, yep, it was 58. I said that they could and off she went. A few minutes later, Whitman came and asked the same thing. I agreed that he could as well. This did cause me to get out of bed to walk over to the neighbors for a little bit. I wanted to make sure that my crew invading her pool was fine. They were doing some work, so I ended up helping with her baby for a second.
  • I came in and worked on my list for a little bit. The kids did end up migrating in for warm clothes before going back out to play. The evening kind of flew by because soon I was heating up some suppers and the Wilsons came over.
  • They brought their puppy and the girls were much sweeter tonight. It took a little work, but they really did well-they are getting used to each other which makes me super happy. Shannon had lemon bars which also made my super happy! 
  • Tomorrow is back in the school routine-not too many more days left! And then our busy summer starts!

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