April 7, 2021-Quick Trip to Northwest Arkansas

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Robby and I slept splendidly at the hotel. Honestly, we sleep well every night! We stirred around 7 and then went right back to sleep until it was almost time the meet the Wilsons for breakfast. It didn't take us long to get ready and soon we were in the lobby.

Breakfast was fine-still covid-ish. They did have premade breakfast sandwiches but Robby and I grabbed the last two. Other than that, they didn't have many options. No ice, juice or cokes-they said their machines were out of order. (Don't really believe that! Personally, I think that covid is the new excuse for laziness.)

Our first stop this morning was Walmart. It started misting so Robby turned on the windshield wipes. Tony mentioned that his windshield wipers looked bad which reminded me to tell Robby and that windshield wipers were half off and wouldn't work at all in a downpour. I knew that because the last time it rained I had to work hard to see when I took Reagan to school. 

So the first purchase of the day was windshield wipers. Then we went to Euna Maes which is a little cooking store. The stuff was all pricey, but we enjoyed walking through it because we really enjoy the owner's story-she believes that if people are well fed, then they will feel well-loved.

The next stop was Sam's for us to look around some followed by a gas fill up. After that, we stopped for lunch at the Buttered Biscuit-I had eggs Benedict while Robby had biscuits and gravy. It was all delicious, and I think that it was the best meal that we had while we were on our little getaway.

Then we did stop at one most stop-The Freckled Hen. It was a little Hallmarky place that I had heard about. It was a cute little store, but by this time it was raining, and we were chilly. Shannon had heard about a nearby coffee place so that was the next place. I did get a hot chocolate which made me extremely happy.

We then headed on back home. We fought the rain for a good little bit at one point. We did stop one for a potty stop and once to look at campers. (We have one and sure don't need another.) Now, I did miss my kids, but I sure didn't want to get home until after church started. I just wanted to show up for pick up tonight and not to stay and work. 

Pops and Nonna had dropped the kids off so after we unloaded, we were able to pick everyone up. We had Bentley with us so everyone stayed and chatted in the parking lot until it was almost dark. Then we came home and heard all about the kids' day on the drive home.

I think that most of the kids slept later than they had intended to. Pops did have everyone doughnuts when they woke up. Bentley did wake up pretty early though-hopefully she won't tomorrow. The had spaghetti for supper. Graham and Keaton went on a run but that was cut short due to the rain. 

Once at home, we all had supper and then worked on our Wednesday chores of emptying the trash cans. We did let a few people have ice cream for a snack-well, everyone had the opportunity too, but we just had a few takers. Keaton didn't have ice cream, but Bentley saw her bowl-which she recognizes because that is what Robby lets her lick his leftover ice cream from. Bentley would not leave Keaton alone at all-she wanted a lick of her bowl.

It was a good day for us and a good day for the kids. I know that they enjoyed their time away (from us) and their extra grandparent time.

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