April 10, 2021

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  • I was up super early for a Saturday-I guess that is my new routine for the next few soccer Saturdays. Robby and I both didn't sleep too well because we were worried about oversleeping. We didn't, and Graham and I arrived to Raymar about 10 minutes before we needed to.
  • I'm the concession stand queen this year, and Graham was my first Dennie to help. I was a bit worried about everything, but there was no need for that. Everything went smoothly. 
  • I was a bit hesitant with the cash register, but that also was super simple. When all 3 of my bigs worked, they were all worried about that as well. They did figure it out, I believe. But who was not intimidated by it? Keaton and Campbell. They were the cash register running queens.
  • This was our first soccer games of the season. Because I had to be there early, that meant that Robby had to leave on his own. Now, everything was laid out but there was still a lot of things to get to the car and pack up this morning. They made it fine and arrived early.
  • Keaton's game was first. Her team, and all of the Dennie teams, lost today. However, I am always so surprised at my kids out there hustling and even knowing what is happening on the field. Keaton was a pretty awesome goalie today-she even dived for the ball once when it appeared that she was kicked in the face. I never heard anything about it, so I guess she wasn't.
  • The next game was Whitman's. Two years ago, it was a struggle to get him to play at all. Robby had to bribe him with a snack if he would just kick the ball during the game. This year he is a different child. He is no superstar-but he plays and played hard which is an incredible difference.
  • Now, when he played his game, he had two of the best looking refs around-Anderson and Graham. That was their games to ref, and they really did a great job. They were both a little bit nervous about it, but had no reason to be.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan was on another field reffing a game. She worked the big fields both times. I was walking over to watch/heckle her a bit, but noticed the line at the concession stand so I bee lined it over there to help for a few minutes and never made it over there to watch.
  • Finally, it was Campbell's turn to play. We were a little spread thin during this time. Grandparents were all at a funeral, Robby was coaching, Reagan was reffing, Anderson and Graham were at a birthday party that Jason had to take them to, Campbell was playing, Keaton had to be recruited to work in the concession stand, and Whitman, well is just Whitman. So that left me not being able to see Campbell's game and Robby coaching a team and managing Bentley.
  • It all worked out fine though. Bentley, by this time, was exhausted. And the concession stand was slow so I was able to watch Campbell. And she is fierce-and really, she is a great goalie. I know that isn't her preferred spot, but she did super at it. 
  • It was a super fun day. After finishing at Raymar, we came home for a little bit, and then dropped off Keaton to spend the night with a friend and picked up the boys from their party. Back at home, Robby went to work on the trashcan while Campbell washed Bentley. I worked on the laundry and soon Reagan, Campbell and Graham were all taking a nap. This soccer day in the sun wore my people out!

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