April 27, 2021

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  • We didn't have long to work together this morning because Reagan had to get to school early for a class picture, plus she wanted to go early to get a Starbucks drink. She has really enjoyed school this year, though she did tell me that quite a few people from her class are going to another co-op next year. 
  • We did finish our science book today and will finish history tomorrow. I am not too sure that we will actually finish the other two books that I am trying to finish this year. Surely, we can get it done-are there is always next year. We have now been reading through the New Testament with the church for over a year. The church finished forever ago, but we still have a few more books left to go-we will eventually get it accomplished.
  • After our reading, folks started finishing their work left and right. I do think that Campbell and Keaton did most of their school work for the whole week last night after it was bedtime. I guess that is fine-better than being on a device, but now what will they do all day long.
  • I was able to work on a shirt today and accomplish a few other things before walking on the treadmill. Then we made a few internet purchases before Bentley and I went to pick Reagan up from school. Bentley was so excited to see Reagan walking to the car.
  • Bentley and I have actually spent quite a bit of time together today. While the others had soccer games, the dog and I had puppy kindergarten. We walked though an obstacle course, and Bentley did not like for me to hold her and rub her belly at all-at all! Like they told me to work on that this week! Puppy kindergarten drop outs!
  • While we were actually mastering the doggie obstacle course, the others were playing their hearts out at soccer. Campbell's team did lose, but I do think that she had a lot fun. Reagan refereed two games both with the preacher so she was a bit nervous. Anderson had one game to call which was Whitman's game. Whitman's team also lost, but Robby said that Whitman came fairly close to scoring-we will take that. And my Keaton helped Graham in the concession stand most of the time.
  • After their games, they headed to Arby's and to Kroger real quick. I made Whitman a grilled cheese which is what he prefers. The kids cycled through the showers, and even Bentley had a shower tonight!

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