April 28, 2021

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  • Our normal right now is to wake up with Bentley, then put her back in bed with us, and we snooze some more. This morning I had been sleeping so well until it was just about time to wake up. I started dreaming the craziest dreams-we were in someone's house and my black flats were on the floor. Some old folks were there and were about to trip on my shoes-then I woke up. What in the world was that dream about?
  • I made sure that all of my shoes were put away this morning when we started on our school. Today we finished our history book. Then the folks started working on their own school work. Campbell was already finished with her work and just needed to check a few days of math. Anderson was also finished with everything but his math before I even got out of my bed. 
  • I was able to finish my work a little bit earlier than usual so that was nice. Then the afternoon really flew by-actually, it flew by because it was a much shorter afternoon than usual. After I walked on the treadmill, it was time to leave.
  • Graham is learning how to do the slides that show the songs for the youth so he had to be there at 3:30. We then dropped Reagan off at her friend's house for a little bit. Then we had two returns at Academy. Campbell and Keaton came in with me while Anderson and Whitman stayed in the car.
  • Our next stop was Walmart-those boys stayed in the car again (there was a phone and internet in there for them). We did some speed shopping for sure-though I couldn't find one thing I needed for a new project.
  • On the way I had Anderson look it up-he did, but then jokingly handed my the phone while covering his eyes. I had him look up "clothes stripping." There was no reason to shield his eyes, because this clothes stripping is just washing clean clothes in all of these detergents to super clean your clothes.
  • Next up was church-tonight they had Tazikis for supper for all of the workers, and pizza for the kids. We then did the church thing before going to the Wilson's house for our second supper-they had more Mediterranean food for us to eat.
  • It was a fun time, and it was almost bedtime when we did get home!

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