April 25, 2021

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  • It didn't take my crew long to get ready for church today. We did have one first-Reagan was asked to do worship care. I sure didn't think that she would say yes, but she sure did. I do think that she enjoyed it-well, I guess her exact words were that she enjoyed it more than going to church. I'm not sure if that is what I wanted to hear or not.
  • Our Sunday school class was booming today-17 kiddos. What a great problem to have. All of the kids' classes are getting pretty full-we only had one chair left in our little room.
  • After lunch, we headed to Grannymom's house to eat our lunch. Robby did run home to get Bentley. She did very well, but we probably need for her to start working on staying in her little kennel for a bit longer. 
  • Then it was back home for some quick cleaning in the house and around the house. There has been a pit bull-ish stray hanging around the yard. We were worried that it would be here tonight when Robby had quite a few folks over. Thankfully, after Robby yelled out it and chased it once on foot and once on his tractor today, a neighbor did put it in his fence.
  • The kids were great helping get ready for tonight. They really do step it up and help out most of the time. Soon, I was headed to girls' night at Jennifer's house and all of dads and kids were headed to our house.
  • Robby grilled hot dogs and the guys all brought food-including bacon wrapped oreos. They had a bit night even playing a gaga ball tournament or two along with some family basketball competitions. 
  • The guys stayed out pretty late, but the ladies stayed out even later. I do think that the girls were trying to outlast the guys and make sure that the kids were in bed. It was 11 when I left, and I was the one who broke up the party by saying that I was going to leave! 
  • When I came home, the house and yard were perfect. The kids had all worked hard getting everything back in order so hopefully tomorrow will start smoothly.

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