April 29, 2021

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  • What a fun day this has been-it seems that we have been busy from early this morning. Graham is going to the nutrition center center tomorrow so he needs to provide a sample, a stool sample, to take with us. Unfortunately, I woke up to him telling me that his sample was ready for me to scoop in the container.
  • Of course, I was sound asleep at this point and woke up thinking that Bentley had pooped in the bed with us. It took me a while to understand exactly who had pooped this morning. I seem to be in a stage in my life where I am not having to deal with poop too often thankfully.
  • We did our school work and went to town on reading some of our books. Then it was time to start on everyone's individual work. The kids seemed to fly through everything today-even my Whitman.
  • Reagan went to school this afternoon. Robby was able to take her and drop off some clothes too today. While they were gone, we did Bible study-it was the last one for the school year! Yippee! Since this was the first year that Whitman did the Bible study book, we did it all together. Campbell and Keaton joined us as well each and every day this year to finish the books.
  • At 2, Keaton and Campbell had their sugar club folks over today. We did things pretty low key and made jello for the kids to enjoy. Then we made dog treats. They had quite a bit of fun rolling out the dough and taste testing the dog treats with Bentley. Of course, she enjoyed all of the treats that she could get.
  • The girls cooked and then we went to the church down the road to ride scooters and skateboards. The girls all had a blast and were hungry for their jello when we returned to the house. Then we dropped everyone off at home.
  • After dropping off all of the girls, Robby and I dropped off our girls and headed to do a quick mystery shop. I ate my food while we were in a crazy 20+ minute line at McDonalds for Robby's food. 
  • We did stop briefly and found Bentley a dog toy before heading to Kroger to buy ice cream for our real children. At home, we all gobbled up the ice cream and watched one show before it was bedtime for all.

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