April 22, 2021

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  • The first person I remember this morning was Whitman busting in my room holding a brand new dollar bill. The tooth fairy came last night. A few years ago, the tooth fairy would come into the kids' rooms with money. Recently, the tooth fairy has had helpers, but sometimes the tooth fairy even forgets that so she just leaves money on the kids' ipads when needed. Surely we are nearing the end of the tooth fairy visits. 
  • Even though Bentley played hard last night, she still woke up at the same time this morning. That was fine though because as she went back to sleep in our bed-and so did I! 
  • We were soon working on our school work. I think that most folks finished their work for the week-at least I hope so. I usually always find out when folks skimp on their work-and it never makes me too happy!
  • I took Reagan to school today along with Campbell and Keaton. They were headed to Academy to spend their money. They both had their hearts set on skateboards-so pretty much all of the girls' free time for the rest of the day has spent on their skateboards.
  • We then picked up Reagan, and I was home for a few minutes before heading to the pregnancy center with Keaton. We did diapers and diapers and diapers today along with some straightening. Our time went by fairly quickly, and soon we were on our way to the soccer fields.
  • Tonight was picture night at soccer so that made the time go by quicker for the kids. Bentley walked around with me, and I think that she is worn out since she is snoozing now. Maybe I am worn out too after walking around!
  • When we came home, we had ravioli for supper followed by a cake that Graham made for us. It was pretty delicious since there was a lot of icing. We ate the cake after everyone had their showers. The girls and I watched some tv until it was finally bedtime.

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