April 30, 2021

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  • Fridays are my sleep in days-except this Friday once again we were headed to the nutrition center with Graham. We have one more visit to complete this study which will happen on Wednesday. Graham has had to eat basically a no fruit and veggie diet getting ready for this study-needless to say, that was no problem at all. 
  • We were there before 8:30, and things went pretty quickly. We were leaving before 10:30 which made me super happy. They did have to stick him twice for blood, but he didn't mind at all. Now on Wednesday, he will have to be stuck every hour for 5 hours. Good times.
  • We stopped at Subway for him on the way home. And back at home, some of the kids were just starting to stir. Keaton was already up and was making Whitman do their chore-their main task today was to clean his desk. I plan for most everyone to clean their desks really well next week. We shall see though since we really have all summer long.
  • When we came home, there were lots of chores to get caught up on. Then I really don't know what happened for most of the rest of the afternoon. I did watch a movie-a Hallmark mystery so the kids that were around were pretty interested in it. I did happen to fall asleep during some of it, but I managed to figure out what had happened at the end.
  • There was a game of Sorry this afternoon with Anderson, Campbell and Keaton. Oh, yes, I also worked on Legos today with Anderson. Our next step is to order all of our missing pieces from the sets that we have tried to re-work.
  • Tonight Robby, Graham, Keaton and I went out to eat at On the Borger, then a quick run to Walmart where we spent a small fortune (not really-but I keep finding cake mixes for 50 cents and how can I pass them up.) And finally we stopped at Lowes. It was a fun little evening-and now we have supplies for a few little projects.
  • Campbell passed her time tonight by giving Bentley another bath-she is the cleanest dog ever. Tonight the kids get to stay up as late as they would like-I'm not so sure that is a great idea since the Dennie bus is leaving close to 7 in the morning!

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