April 13, 2021

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  • I dreamed that Bentley woke up late this morning, but instead she did wake up at the same time that she always does. That was fine because I went to sleep so early last night that I didn't get to look at my phone much so I caught up on that this morning. 
  • We did our school work-Bentley was a mess during our work together. She just ran around like a crazy dog. She did eventually calm down as soon as I put her in Robby's office and snoozed for a good hour.
  • Everyone finished their work, and really it was a good morning. I took Reagan to school and ran to the library to pick up a book. Whitman and I have been reading Harry Potter, so I picked up the movie today so we could watch it together. We both have never seen it-I think that all of the other kids have seen at least the first one.
  • When I came home, I noticed that there weren't many folks driving down Lawson. I had Anderson drive me to just a few blocks down the road. I had never ridden with Anderson. He did just fine. I was a bit concerned when we were going 15 on Lawson, but he picked it up and did really well.
  • Eventually ended up on the treadmill as I thought the others were working in the yard. However, they didn't start working in the yard until after I was done, so I was able to help. Reagan did get out of most of the yard work because she was at school until we were almost finished.
  • We cleaned everything up while Robby went to run a few errands and pick up supper. Then I headed out with Bentley for our second puppy kindergarten. I will say that she did pretty good. We had a long talk in the car about proper behavior so maybe she did listen. Of course passing out pieces of hot dog sure did help quite a bit. 
  • Back at home I had my supper since everyone else had already eaten. Bentley had her second bath of the day (one was just a hose down and one was a real bath). And then it was pretty much just time to sit on the couch and do nothing-the best part of the day!

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