April 15, 2021

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  • I know that I had a strange dream last night, but for the life of me I can not remember what it was. The morning was pretty much the same as usual. I think that I did say something yesterday or the day before about Graham finally getting his math-never mind and I take it all back! 
  • I know that he will eventually get it, but he sure didn't today. Well, I do think that he finally figured it out by the time that we were finished working together. However, by the time that we were finished, I had racked up a pile crowns in heaven. 
  • Reagan had school at noon today. Robby and I had both kind of forgotten about that. Glad that she did remember. After her school, she had what should be her last orthodontist appointment. I guess that means that we have to sign another Dennie up now. Ugh!
  • While they were gone, I worked with Bentley some, did Bible study with the littles, and walked on the treadmill. My movie today was about a lady and her dog so that did keep my attention fairly well during my walk. 
  • Anderson helped me make some cookies today. He enjoys cooking and does well, but I guess that the kitchen is usually too full for him to help. Now, he does enjoy making a chicken, egg and cheese burrito whenever he has left over ChickFilA. 
  • Then it was time to load up for soccer practice. We don't all have to go, but it is just an hour, it is outside and really, why not? So we have all been going-tonight it was a little bit chilly. There had even been talk of the kids sleeping on the trampoline, but we had to nix that idea with the chilly weather tonight.
  • This is really the perfect soccer year-all of the kids are on good teams and practice is just one hour. Whitman would never admit it-but he enjoys it! Now he will never score a goal, but he knows whats happening on the field and runs hard the whole time. And then when soccer is over, he runs around and plays with his friends-he is such a different child than just a little bit ago. Oh, he still loves to be alone, but now he can play and interact when that wasn't his strongest skill.
  • We picked up some super yummy Popeye's chicken on the way home. I would have just been happy eating the mashed potatoes. The mac and cheese, biscuits, fries and chicken were enough to fill our plates and everyone left the table happy.
  • It took most of the evening for everyone to finish their showers. I think that Robby is next in line and I might even take one before the kids go to bed tonight too.

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