April 6, 2021-Quick Trip to Northwest Arkansas

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Robby and I were awake before the dog this morning-yep, I know that is surprising. We had a list of things to accomplish before leaving town for the day. I changed the sheets while he cleaned the shower. Then we moved on to laundry and dishes. 

The boys were all stirring and even started on their school work. Anderson and Graham were soon finished, and Whitman was chugging along too. Whitman doesn't give a lot of attention to Bentley-though she does love him.

Once this morning I walked by and she was trying to lick him to death. I shooed her away, but later walked by and she was curled up in his lap while he was working. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Soon, Robby and I left to pick up the Wilsons. We had given the kids every instruction that we could thing of. Pops arrived just a few minutes after we left. I don't know really what all happened during the day.

I know that Reagan did go to school-and scored a good grade on her quiz. She had been having a hard time with the quizzes, but today she figured it out. Campbell made strawberry acai lemonade, and I am sure that Keaton did as well.

I saw Anderson and Campbell on the camera outside with the dog at different times. And Keaton asked about supper instructions so I know that the manicotti was eaten for supper. Other than that, I didn't really get many reports on the days happenings at home.

When we left town with the Wilsons, our first stop was in Clarksville at Fat Dawgs-Robby and I ordered cheese dip, a bbq baked potato and a cinnamon roll. We ate a few bites of the cinnamon roll but saved most of it-the cinnamon roll was the size of a large to-go container. I am not sure how much it was, but we definitely got our money's worth.

The next stop was in Alma at A to Z-first we went into the outlet store. I left that store with plates for Whitman's birthday party, football napkins for sometime in the future, goggles for the pool, a 2 little things for Christmas stockings. Then there was A to Z hardware-I left that store with a dog leash, and a few things for the dog's Christmas stocking. And our last stop was the A to Z gifts where I bought two more little Christmas stocking things. These stores were like nothing I had ever seen-kind of like a Harbor Freight/At Home/Ollies-there were some good deals (like my goggles) and some not so good deals. 

And we rounded out our day of shopping with a stop at the Little Debbie outlet in Gentry. They didn't have a lot of good deals, but we did find a few-hope the kids like lemon doughnuts. I mean, I really hope the kids like lemon doughnuts because we have a few dozen! 

Then it was to the hotel for a few minutes before going to Foghorns which was right by the hotel. We stayed with our potato covered in bbq theme from lunch and had bbq fries. They were absolutely delicious-now we were not hungry at all, but they were really good.

After that, we moseyed on over to the baseball field to watch the Hogs win against UALR. The game was fun-we were out in the grassy section which was nice except the crazy wind continued to blow. It was just a wee bit chilly for me. I did spent quite a bit of time walking through the wind-less, warmer stands. It was a pretty great day, and we have more fun things planned for tomorrow.

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