April 23, 2021

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  • Graham and I had a nutrition center visit today-and I came home in a bit of a sour mood. It was long (I don't like long), we had to wait (I don't like to wait), it wasn't worth my time (I probably should have said no), and they didn't feed my kid (Feed my kid.) Actually, on the last point they had asked him to fast, and then after being there for 3 hours no one offered him any food. Not a huge deal because he doesn't eat breakfast usually. However, it was just about enough to send me over the edge!
  • I do sound sour-it wasn't that bad. I did enjoy spending the morning with Graham. And he certainly enjoyed the lunch that I bought him on the way home. Once at home, I joined Robby in the laundry folding. I think it is the dog, but something has caused us to start wearing more clothes over here. I am not sure really what she has to do with it, but I am blaming Bentley. It probably is the warm weather where people are outside more and showers are more frequent.
  • Though it hasn't been warm at all. I am just now trying to figure out if I lay out things for soccer in the morning or just plan on things being cancelled. Either way, it is wet and messy out there now. Hopefully, it will rain a bit harder, and we can snooze to the pitter patter of the rain. On nights like this, I so want to be in the camper.
  • This afternoon I worked on the girls' clothes in their closet. There room is pretty much back to normal after all of our clothes work. I do need to buy some more hangers so they can hang up their things. Keaton has no transitioned completely to big hangers so we are no out of hangers! 
  • After that I migrated to the living room for the rest of the afternoon. The girls were playing outside so that is where Bentley wanted to go. She would go to the back door and bark, so Robby and I would take her out-she would just want to go see Keaton and Campbell. That little stinker! She was pretty lucky that we did take her out when she needed to later in the afternoon. I probably should have told her the story about the little boy who cried wolf.
  • This evening the girls convinced the neighbor girl to spend the night so they are completely happy. After making supper, Robby and I ran to Kroger to pick up a few sales and to get ice cream. I found a few extra sales which made me happy-let's just say, I now have plenty of icing and will be ready to decorate gingerbread houses! I would have bought more, but after our Walmart order today our pantry is full-like completely full.
  • Robby and I even ran to the Wilsons for a few minutes to eat our ice cream. Then after a bit, it was back home for the rest of the night. The kids get to stay up late today, so hopefully they do go to bed at a decent time just in case we do have soccer.

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