April 19, 2021

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  • It was a pretty good Monday morning around here. Oh, yes, we were up early to make sure that we were able to register Campbell for her cooking camp. It was supposed to happen last summer, but well, stupid Covid. 
  • This year though she is (fingers crossed) registered to attend culinary camp in July. She is excited, and we are excited that she will finally be able to cash in our her Christmas gift from 2019. 
  • Bentley did get up to potty this morning, and then she laid around beside us snoozing until it was time to start on our school work.
  • The school day went fairly smooth-I told Robby this at 1:20 when I was still doing work with Whitman, but it really did go great. We just have two more weeks after this week so I guess that we are all a bit more relaxed.
  • Not only was school done in a decent time frame, I also had time to work on some of the girls' clothes in the attic. I had Campbell and Keaton help me some so that made things go quicker-well, maybe!
  • I walked on the treadmill some this afternoon before taking the big boys to their D group at church. While they were there, I ran to the library, worked on Sunday school, did some reading and even finished my Bible study for the week. I was on a roll!
  • Campbell and Keaton spent some time this afternoon and evening outside. They spend most of their time outside these days for which I am super grateful. Though they are never too excited about the idea of having to take showers though.
  • Once I made it home from the boy's Bible study, it soon seemed to like it was after 6. I am not sure what happened during that time! Ha! I made mac and cheese for our supper so we added that to our leftovers and had a feast! The kids mostly ate our mac and cheese and were a bit light on the leftovers. 
  • Robby worked outside some tonight while the girls played. I played with Bentley some. Anderson helped me-we were mostly tormenting her since we were trying to get her to stand on a box that she was terrified of! 
  • We ended the evening watching Harry Potter. Whitman and I have just finished reading it. Whitman has set in the floor quoting parts and mentioning when things were left out of the movie. I guess he really was listening as we read the long book! Now I wonder if we should read the next one.

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