April 2, 2021-Happy 8th Birthday Whitman!

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  • The girls were awake much earlier than Robby and I were. Campbell and Keaton had blown up a dozen balloons yesterday so they would be ready. Campbell took them in to throw on the floor by Whitman's bed. Later Keaton and Campbell checked on to see if Whitman saw them-he hadn't yet seen them because he was snoozing still in Graham's bed.
  • When everyone was stirring this morning, Campbell made pancakes and waffles for the whole family. Of course we took that opportunity to stick a candle in his pancakes and sing him happy birthday.
  • After that, I went to work on my list for the day. I will tell you that Fridays are much harder days than any other day of the week. I worked in the camper, I did laundry and dishes, I made cookies, I boiled eggs, and the huge task that I finished today was changing over the boys clothes. 
  • Graham asked to go to Nonna and Pops' house today. He told me that we had not seen them in a while, so of course we went for a little visit. I think that Graham just wanted some cookies! 
  • After we left there, we did some speed shopping at Walmart-a full buggy! I pretty much wouldn't deviate from the list very much-much to Campbell's disappointment. We did manage to come home with 6 boxes of the 50 cent pies/cakes from Walmart. They are in the bakery area and are the kids' new obsession. 
  • Robby came home with some supper options-all that we had to heat in the oven. After eating, we sang Happy Birthday again to Whitman with some Starbucks cake pops. We followed that up with baking Easter egg shaped sugar cookies and dyeing Easter eggs.
  • We celebrated one last time with some super big bowls of ice cream-Whitman loves Friday nights because everyone gets to stay up late and play on their devices-so this has been the best birthday ever for him!

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