April 5, 2021

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  • It was a Monday morning around here for sure. Bentley acted crazy during our morning reading time. It was like she was on a mission to overwhelm me before the day started. Actually, she is a bit crazy usually first thing in the morning, but then she just snoozes for the rest of the school day which is pretty wonderful.
  • The rest of the school day went fairly well. Whitman took his sweet time until he realized that his bit sisters were on the trampoline. Once he figured that out, he was done with school in just a little bit. Well, I did write down the answers to his math problems to help him out some. 
  • Reagan spends most of her Mondays getting ready for her school on Tuesday. Today she did find time to do her math-some Fridays we have to check most pages of it because she has been wrapped up in her Comm Central work. Today, we were able to work on it-plus tomorrow's math looks easy!
  • I was able to do pretty good on my list today-plus I am trying to work really hard with Bentley right now. She needs all the help that she can get! Ha! We are getting there, but I sure don't want for our puppy kindergarten classes to go to waste. And a plus of working hard with her-she gets super tired.
  • The big boys had their D-group at church today. I sure don't mind taking folks to church any day or any time. While they were there, I ran to the library and then just sat in the quiet car and did my Bible study. Did you hear those words-quiet car? Yep, it was nice.
  • I did manage to walk in the treadmill some this afternoon as well. I finished one movie and started another one-and yes, pretty much the only reason I am walking on the treadmill these days is to watch as many Hallmark movies as I can. Ha! I have super plans for this summer for my Hallmark movies! A girl can dream, can't she?
  • Once we came home, I made two recipes for tomorrow's trip. Robby later made one so I figure we will have some food to snack on. We had frozen pizza for supper-Robby made quite a few, but I guess if food is out, then it will be eaten. Reagan was taking a shower while the rest of us had supper-we knew she was since she had just been on a run. We told everyone to save her some, but she just ended up with two pieces-I am sure that she will probably make a chicken pot pie later tonight! 
  • Graham has big ballgame watching plans tonight. I am not too sure who we will root for, but I know that money is on the line for some folks in this house. Except I think that they all need the same team to win! Unfortunately, Robby and I are last place in our family brackets. Reagan and Whitman are first and second. Reagan did some research and Whitman used some pretty smart skills for an 8 year old to figure out the winners. 

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