April 4, 2021-Happy Easter!

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  • My alarm went off a few minutes before Bentley woke up. I still laid in bed real still when I heard her whining, so Robby did get up and get her. However, in just a little bit it was time for me to start moving. 
  • I had my shower before starting on the rolls. I again made my grandma's rolls. I was a bit worried because the only other times that I have made them, they weren't really necessary for a meal. However, today rolls are an integral part of Easter lunch. 
  • I then woke up the kids. Even though they had Easter baskets, some of them weren't too keen on waking up and getting ready for church. Most folks had socks and underwear in their baskets-now some Dennie kids didn't need either so their basket was a little bit lighter.
  • Along with those unmentionables, there was a chocolate bunny, skittles, chocolate bars, and lots of breakfast items-grape juice, orange juice, honey bun, cinnamon roll, a donut stick and a few other things.
  • Whitman almost had a melt down this morning. He doesn't like leaving the house really ever, but church is his least favorite place to go. I showed him his clothes, and he went to work on them. However, his top button on his shirt was buttoned so he ended up trapped in his shirt. Bless it, I just walked in the closet as he was about to start balling. After a hug and some help unbuttoning he was better.
  • Soon we were off to church-it was a good day at church. Then we were back home again. I had a few things for the kids to do, but my main goal was the rolls again. I was fairly relieved that they were rising and seemed to look good-especially since I didn't have a plan B to fall back on.
  • This Easter was not like last year-our church was full and our house was full. Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna, Pops, Lilly and Cash were all there to enjoy our big lunch. Nonna and Grannymom brought most things so we only had a few appetizers, cookies and the rolls to offer.
  • After everyone ate, it was finally time for the kids to have their big egg hunt. You would think that they would get a bit too old for this-but no, they loved this part of Easter.
  • I had quite a few eggs-I think that most people found about 60 eggs so that would mean that I stuffed around 500 eggs. That wasn't too bad. I believe that Campbell found the most, Whitman found the least and Graham found the golden egg with a few bucks in it.
  • After finding the eggs, the kids unstuffed them and made their stores. Lots of trading happened afterwards. Graham managed to trade away all of us candy and ended up with some money. 
  • I managed to take a little bit of a nap this afternoon. The Wilson's did come over tonight for a few minutes-while they were here, Bentley acted like a baffoon-she was as wild as ever. She played and played, but by the time that they left, she was sound asleep and laid in the floor until Robby picked her up and put her in his lap!

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