April 24, 2021

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  • Robby woke me up before 6:30 to tell me that we didn't have soccer. We didn't think that we would, but we weren't really sure. We sent out a few texts, took Bentley potty and then all crawled back into bed and slept some more. It was a pretty perfect Saturday afternoon.
  • Now, I do enjoy being at the soccer field. The kids love running around playing with all of their friends. I love for the big kids to have the chance to ref and they are earning money for camps so really, it was a loss not being there today.
  • We didn't really do much today-all day! Robby wanted to buy a grill, but they don't have what he wants in Little Rock, so he will have to wait a bit. We need to cover our back patio-maybe that will be the next big project. Oh, we have so many big projects around here that they will all never get done.
  • Campbell and Keaton had their friend spend the night last night, so they were busy all day long. They did make some pancakes late in the morning. It is nice when folks can fend for themselves.
  • Robby ran a few errands with Graham today, Bentley and I worked on rolling over (I am much better at it than her), Reagan did some school work, and Anderson stayed close to his xbox. That was pretty much our day.
  • Robby and I did take Bentley on a walk for a little bit today. We just have quite a few stray dogs around here-two showed up tonight and stayed around the yard all evening. Hopefully, they migrate on somewhere else while we are asleep and gone tomorrow. 
  • Tonight Reagan had a few folks over-I guess 9 extra folks. So that meant that we had a house full-about 16 kids when we add Brett to the list. That's not too bad-love it when this house is a party house. I think that it will be a bit of a party house tomorrow too. 
  • We had plenty of pizza, and the kids stayed outside most of the night long-really only coming in to eat supper and cookies. I tried to make Shannon's cookies tonight-I believe that Robby would rate them as a C+ so that is better than our last fails. I really should just get my own cookie and not compete! 
  • Actually, I was quite the Betty Crocker tonight-not only did I make cookies, but I also made apple cake and lemon bars for tomorrow. I wish that I enjoyed making real food as much as I enjoy baking desserts!

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