April 3, 2021

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  • I was at Walmart this morning before most people woke up in this house. Well, Bentley and Whitman were the only folks that had stirred so far when I left. I had bought Anderson a shirt yesterday, but it was too small. So I stood in the store debating forever if I should buy the next size up plus the next size up just to be safe. I finally decided that I would probably have to return to Walmart anyway so I just took a gamble and bought just one.
  • I also found the sandals that Keaton wanted yesterday, and they didn't have the right size. She was pretty pleased when I made it home with her sandals in tow. 
  • Then I went to town on the dishes and laundry. And let me tell you, I have worked on laundry all day long today. We have washed and put away at least 5 loads of laundry-I am not sure where everything has come from. Bentley did get a bath plus we all worked outside so that did add to the laundry.
  • We soon were heading out with everyone to Raymar for the church's Eggstravaganza. They did it up well-the kids all got bags of eggs filled with candy when we arrived. Reagan didn't get hers at first, but came up later asking where she could get some. 
  • Then there were booths around the field where the kids could play a game and earn a candy filled egg. Whitman found his favorite booth and did it over and over again. And towards the end, Keaton and her friend found the shortest line and did the same thing. Everyone had a great time walking around in the beautiful weather. 
  • Bentley even came-and man, did she love all of the attention that she got out there. She was petted by at least 100 people. When we came home, she continued receiving attention at home-after eating our Chick-Fil-A lunch, we started working in the yard.
  • Robby put Bentley's leash in the middle of the yard, so as the kids were "working" there was always one person sitting by Bentley. Now, much of the time she were comforting her because with the leaf blower and lawn mower happening (no where near her) she was a bit skittish occasionally. 
  • We worked and worked in the yard-Robby had hoped that we could have done more, but we really did a lot. We ran out of steam! After everyone came in, some folks started on their showers, but the girls helped me ice some Easter egg cookies. Whitman did help us for a few cookies as well.
  • After Robby and I had a nap, we did all eat more leftovers for supper. Then everyone went to town cleaning the house. Poor Bentley-the broom makes her a bit skittish, so vacuums (3 different ones) plus the steam mop was a lot for her. And when Graham moved the chairs so Robby could mop, she didn't know what to do. 
  • We ended the evening with a clean house, a nice looking yard and a bowl of ice cream! What could be better!

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