July 31, 2021

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  • We slept in late for us on a Saturday morning which was very nice. We had actually been awake for quite a long while before any of the kids woke up. It is kind of comical to me that they sleep so long these days.
  • Well, it was comical today-it won't be funny at all to me on Monday morning when we are trying to do school, and they can't get themselves out of bed. We will survive-it is a crazy week to start school, but any we do now is some that we don't have to do later in the year. If I had a theme for school, this year's might should be "just get it done," but that doesn't sound too uplifting and encouraging.
  • I didn't really do anything much today-I did the regular things plus straighten one attic and the bonus room. I probably should have been more productive, but really that isn't any fun. I did help Robby outside some. And of course I checked on him often to make sure he didn't die out there in the crazy heat. 
  • The boys were the first ones to leave the house today. They went to a guys night out at Rock Creek. They had a lot of fun playing broom ball and laser tag and of course eating pizza.
  • We headed over to the Hobbs house to eat ice cream and play games. We played a new game for us Euchre. It was similar to spades, but I especially enjoyed it since Sarah and I won.
  • Pops brought the boys home tonight and they managed to get him to stop at Sonic for a drink. They were taking showers when we made it home so it was a late night for this crew.

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