August 10, 2021

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  • Today was the first day of school at Comm Central for Reagan and Anderson. The last time that they went to Comm Central together was nine years ago when Anderson was in kindergarten. I still remember that day vividly. My excited Anderson was running towards the building and tripped on a crack in the sidewalk (still there) and fell flat on his face. He recovered just fine, and it didn't bother him. Thankfully today, he didn't stumble when he walked into the building.
  • I probably should have taken a picture or two of them, but since I took first day of school pictures last week, I didn't think much about it. I actually have gotten pretty bad about taking pictures during the day. I wouldn't say that I am busier right now, but possibly you could say that I am more forgetful. The girls are good about taking pictures of the dog, but I am not sure that that really counts.
  • I think they both had a fine day. They both seemed a bit overwhelmed-Reagan most than Anderson. I am actually overwhelmed for Anderson. Reagan is just like me-she will stress, work hard and then do just fine. Anderson's approach is a bit more relaxed and that makes me nervous. 
  • The rest of us had an oddly smooth morning. I rarely see Reagan during the school day-she doesn't usually come for help until noon. Anderson just checks his math with me and a few other things, so I work with him for about 15 minutes. Despite all of this, since they were gone today, the rest of us were able to finish things in record time. It probably helped that Keaton did a lot of her school last night.
  • We did a quick run to Costco to join up this afternoon. Robby decided that the gas prices were too good to pass up. We had less than an hour before we needed to pick up the school goers so we didn't have much time to look around.
  • Once we were back at home, it was a quick turn around to deliver Nonna her dessert of the month and Pops his socks for the month. Then I took Anderson to Raymar to work followed by a quick run into the library. By this time in the day, I felt like it was 6 or 7 not just 3:30.
  • At home, I did walk on the treadmill-I had to wake Reagan up to do so because she was napping in the bonus room. Then Robby and I headed out for a mystery shop followed by picking up Anderson.
  • He was exhausted and choose to stay home tonight with Whitman instead of going back to Costco to look around tonight. We actually did more than look around-we bought a few things (hot pockets, ravioli, pants for Keaton, a blanket for Reagan, and a bathing suit for next year for Keaton.
  • Once we were finally home for the day, I went to work baking a cake, writing the blog and getting things ready for school!

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