August 2, 2021

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  • This was our first day of school today-I started off as the first person awake. I actually was awake before the dog and laid in bed until she started stirring. I sure didn't want to wake her up.
  • Poor Bentley though she usually has a second sleep each morning. However, I knew that if she was to get a walk before school started (and she certainly needed one), then she had to early this morning-making her miss her nap.
  • She did jump right up when I asked her about walking. When we returned from our walk, it was time to start waking everyone up once again. I had tried to wake them up before I went on the walk, but when we returned it was not only wake up time, but it was also school time.
  • Robby managed the dog while we did our work together. I just did about half of it so the morning could get started. Of course there were lots of questions-honestly, I should have started school a bit more slowly than this. 
  • However, the day went pretty smoothly. I think that it was a success overall. Graham and Reagan struggle with their math so that is hard, but otherwise things went well. Whitman even zoomed through his school-once Campbell finished her work, she did jump right in helping him. 
  • I finished working with everyone but Whitman around 12:30 and worked with him around 1:30. He didn't mind working together later so I guess that is what I am going to have to do for a while. 
  • This afternoon Robby and I took the 3 littles to the pool for a bit. They needed some exercise, and we needed some sun therapy. Well, really we sit under the umbrella so there is no sun therapy for us. However, it is nice to change things up a bit though going to the pool isn't changing things up since we have now been there 39 times this summer.
  • Pretty much as soon as we came home, Campbell and Keaton left for a sleepover. Then it wasn't too much long before the boys left for a thing at Rock Creek tonight. Robby and I made quesadillas for supper. 
  • We ate, took Bentley on a walk and then went to the Wilson's house. As soon as the boys arrived, we settled in to watch the new Jungle Cruise movie. It was a decent movie-Whitman said that he was just there for the popcorn though.

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