August 9, 2021

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  • Second week of school today. Everyone did really great today-Keaton finished most of her school for tomorrow as well as Reagan. However, I am a bit worried for Reagan and Anderson-I am worried that they are going to be overwhelmed tomorrow when we throw in Comm Central classes. No worries though because we will scale things back here if we need to. Hopefully not though.
  • After we did our work together time this morning, the kids started on their school work. Well, most of the kids. The eldest went back upstairs and went back to sleep! Now this kind of made my crazy, but when I did wake her up she said that she was going to do two days of school today....and that she did. Well, all except for math. That girl can get things done when she wants to. Unfortunately, not too many of my other kids have that much motivation-yet.
  • Campbell did some cooking this morning and when she was finished, I loaded up with the little 3 to drop off Granynymom and Grandpa's Dessert of the Month dessert. Then we went to teh pool for about 2 hours. The kids swam and swam until it was time for us to leave.
  • Meanwhile, Robby took the big 3 for their second covid shots. They also did a bit of speed shopping at Kroger before running home for a few minutes. Then Robby took Anderson to Raymar for a few hours to help with Upward tryouts.
  • I think that Anderson enjoyed his time out there. He worked hard and was sweaty when we left. Robby and I went to pick him up with Bentley. She enjoyed walking around out there for a little bit. At home, she walks perfectly with her harness. However, at Raymar today she was like a crazy dog. Maybe she needs to get out more often.
  • We heated up leftovers for supper-tacos. Everyone ate then we all scattered. The first missions were chores for everyone who didn't finish them this morning. Whitman and Campbell took Bentley on a walk, Graham vacuumed, people cleaned, and it was great.
  • Now, after chores we continued our scattering-the big boys went upstairs, Reagan went to the bonus room, while the rest of us ended up in the living room-Robby dozing, others ipading and me watching a Hallmark movie. (It is 138 days until Christmas after all).

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