August 13, 2021-White Oak Lake State Park

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We started our day just like the other days lately. Bentley woke Robby and I up. After her potty break, she came back to our bed until it was time to get up. The new thing lately is that she now sees animals out of our thin blinds while we have gone back to sleep. If it is a squirrel, she barks a bit. If it is the roaming neighborhood dog her bark is a bit more vicious. However, if she sees deer our the window, she goes berserk.

Yesterday, she saw Campbell and Graham in the way back yard playing. She barked like a bear was out there. Robby and I were in the kitchen, and I swear that I lost at least 3 years of my life because this ferocious bark. 

This morning I did sleep in a bit longer than other mornings, but soon I was up and others were starting to stir as well. Reagan was really the only one that I had to wake up this morning. Anderson and she were the only ones who had school work left to do. She actually did hers, got ready and then went back to bed. Sometime in the morning, I walked into her room and she jumped out saying. "I'm ready."

I didn't really do a whole lot this morning-just the normal around the house things. Well, I did take a zillion loads to the camper. Other than figuring out where I would put my Christmas dishes and where I would keep the kids school, we are ready to live in this thing.

We decided that I would just drive today instead of tow the car. We definitely want the car so it was for sure coming. We debated whether to tow or me drive. Towing involves hooking up and then having to unhook two different times plus driving is just a bit more stressful. However, if I drive then we are all split up plus we are using gas. We finally decided that the 30ish dollars on gas was worth the hassle. 

So Keaton, Campbell, Graham and I headed out first this afternoon around 12:30 to run to Kroger. There were a few things we needed for the trip-hamburger buns, french fries and milk. Plus we needed sugar for the house since it was such a good sale. 

Robby showed up in the camper as we were checking out. Campbell and Graham chose to ride in the camper-probably because of the wifi or the dog. Keaton did stay with me and chatted the entire hour and a half drive.

Well, like any Dennie camping trip, we had rain! It rained off and on on the way. At one point, it rained pretty good. And then this evening there was thunder and lightening, but it never rained. We are staying at White Oak Lake State Park.

It is a fairly small campground but has a nice little loop and a pretty lake. Now, once again we did get the spot with no shade. We should have driven around to check if there were any empty spots that were more shady. However, our spot is pretty nice and before too long we were all set up. When everyone is working, we are able to get settled pretty quickly.

Since it was so hot, we decided to load up and take a drive. We thought that we might just go and explore the Little Grand Canyon of Arkansas. It was a short drive around the lake and then down a gravel road. We stopped where we thought it was and headed off down the traisl.

Anderson found it first. It did kind of look like a miniature Grand Canyon. However, it felt like Death Valley-it was so, so hot. The sun was blazing down on us and we were drenched in sweat as we explored. It was pretty steep, but we found a few different trails down to the water. 

It was actually hot enough that Bentley even waded through the water a bit too cool off. It was so hot that the kids were asking to drink Bentley's water and even poured some of it on themselves. Robby, Campbell, Keaton and Graham did more exploring than the rest of us. Whitman and Reagan were the wimpiest of the crew and sat in the shade. Anderson did a little bit of both.

We were all delighted when we did finally get back to the car and slurped down about 2 water bottles each. It was quite an adventure-a hot adventure. Actually, it was pretty amazing to see. The pictures show that at some times this area is a happening swim hole with bluish green water-not today. It was deserted with stagnate brown water. We are glad that we have seen it now and can check it off of the list.

We then headed back to the campground. This is when the storm was rolling through nearby. The girls hung a hammock and played with it. Then it was kayak time. We aired those new babies up and Campbell and Keaton were able to kayak a little bit. Campbell was pretty skittish about it, but they both did just fine. 

Anderson fished while the did this, but Graham and Campbell also got in on the fishing. Graham and Anderson also took a spin around on the kayaks before we hauled them back to the campsite. 

Now, somehow time gets away from you. Even though we had an easy supper tonight-ravioli and bread-it took forever. The main probably was that the water didn't boil very quickly. The pasta only had to cook for 2 minutes so once the water did boil, we were eating minutes later.

I think that everyone enjoyed the supper, but they also enjoyed the ice cream that we had once we got back inside of the camper. We put everything under the tent tonight and tarped it up just in case of rain. Then we took a few bike rides and walks before finally heading in for the night. 

It is now 11 and we are no where near going to bed. Well, everyone is in their beds and ready for bed, but a football game is on, I haven't had my shower and everyone is playing on their devices. Bentley is the only one that is wisely sleeping!

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