August 15, 2021-White Oak Lake State Park

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We all slept until nine today. I know, isn't that awful? Well, not really. It was perfectly wonderful. The dog, the kids, Robby and I-everyone slept that long. It probably helped that Robby was chugging Benedryl at 5 this morning. (We both have gotten into some bugs and have quite a few bites on us. His are especially bothering him.)

After we did all get up, Robby started making breakfast-sausage biscuits. We had cooked the biscuits at home and just heated up the sausage in the microwave. While he was doing, that I was folding up our bedding.

Soon everyone had eaten, and we moved the party outside. Robby and I went on a walk around the loop. Then we started packing up all of our outside stuff. The main event of our packing up was refolding and making sure that the kayaks were dry. Surprisingly, we were able to get them back in our box so that was a super success.

After we had picked everything up, we did head on towards home. First we had to dump, but then we were on the road. Reagan drove with me home. Robby said that the others spent most of the trip heating up their hot pockets for lunch.

We stopped at Kroger to fill up with gas and for me to run in the store. Campbell joined us at this stop, and we hurried through the store filling the buggy-even though we had come in for about 4 things. By the time that we made it home, Robby and the others had practically unloaded all of the camper. 

There was just a little bit left to do before I came in and straightened the inside of the house. We even had time for a Sunday afternoon nap. Reagan spent most of her afternoon working on school work-she was getting things done that she had on her Monday list.

Anderson and Graham went to Rock Creek tonight, and Anderson came home with a 50 dollar Amazon gift card. He was super excited about this, but he doesn't yet know what he wants to spend it on. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman took the hammock from the camper and set it up out back. That seems to be the kids current favorite thing to do while we are on trip. 

We heated up bbq and had nachos for our supper tonight. The Wilson's were over to enjoy it with us. They didn't stay too long since school begins tomorrow. So when they left, I started working on my list for tomorrow and soon it time for bed around here,

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