August 12, 2021

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  • I think that we might just have this early morning routine down. Not really, but this morning kids were coming down the stairs before I walked out the door to take Bentley on her walk. I had already been upstairs once to start waking everyone up.
  • Bentley was so skittish at the start of our walk. I even thought about turning around and taking her home. She only really has a pep in her step when I tell her that we are going home.
  • Reagan and Anderson didn't work together with us this morning since they had to soon leave for their second day of Comm Central. Anderson had two study halls today so he was able to finish a few things for me. I did ask him if he wanted to take one of the classes that Reagan was taking so he wouldn't have two study halls-he was adamant that he did not want another class.
  • I think that they had a good day. Anderson still seems a bit overwhelmed. However, he has done all of his work for one class. Reagan started working on her work upstairs in the bonus room as soon as she came home today. They will soon figure out a routine to get it all done.
  • The rest of us spent our morning on school work. Well, Campbell and Keaton did have a baking competition. They were both making a different box of cake mix cookies. Graham and Whitman were the judges, and Campbell did win by a bit. The boys were pretty realistic as they delivered their critique of the cookies.
  • All of the people at home were able to pack for this weekend. That is one of my favorite things to do-pack up the camper. Soon it was time for Robby to go and get Reagan and Anderson while I headed out to run a few errands myself. One of those was to the library-my favorite place. I have decided that I might just want to be a librarian when I grow up. 
  • This afternoon kind of flew by. Robby had a mystery shop plus he bought the rest of us dinner so he was gone for a long while picking up food. Long enough for me to do some school with Anderson, braid Reagan's hair and walk on the treadmill.
  • When he returned we dined on our Colton and Lonestar meals. It was all pretty delicious-especially the rolls. After we ate, all of the kids except for Reagan went outside to play baseball. Campbell bought some softballs so she has been on a baseball kick lately. This was their second time to play outside today.
  • The boys did help Robby load the bikes on the camper. Then it was pretty much shower time for everyone. Now, I did take myself a nap from 9-10 instead of do any real work! Right now, the kids are in bed, and I'm about to take my nightly shower.

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