August 16, 2021

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  • It wasn't a great night last night. Robby and I got into some bugs this weekend while camping. Basically we alternated who was sleeping all night long. One of us would get up to get medicine while the other would get up to take a shower to stop the itching. 
  • Hopefully tonight will be better for us. Though Robby has slept quite a bit today so I am afraid that he won't be tired at all tonight. This morning I did notice that most of the kids have just as many bites as we did. Apparently, they all slept well though, and we are just wimps.
  • We did our together work this morning-well, we did it just a few minutes late. I didn't even get around to walking Bentley this morning since I slept in a bit after the restful night. She did catch up on her walks later in the day though.
  • Most everyone finished their work at a decent time. Now Reagan did work most of the afternoon as well because she did two days of work for me. And I was able to urge Whitman to do a little bit of extra work today so maybe he will be a bit ahead this week.
  • We didn't really do a ton this afternoon-well, there was tons of baking that happened today. Campbell made whoopie pies. Keaton and Whitman did Whitman's idea of infusing chicken nuggets with ketchup. People almost made paninis, chicken pot pies and smoothies today. I spent a good deal of the day putting up small appliances in the kitchen.
  • Reagan had a birthday party tonight so she missed her first soccer practice. She was a bit bummed about that, but did have fun at her party. When she came home, I was busy organizing under the bar.
  • Right now Campbell is working on her school work for tomorrow and I am about to take a shower so maybe my bug bites will stop itching. 

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