August 24, 2021

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  • There wasn't too much excitement around here today. I was the first one awake this morning and took Bentley on a very short walk before rushing home to wake the others up to get started on school and to start getting ready for school.
  • I guess this is the third week of Comm Central. Reagan and Anderson are really doing well. One of their classes on Tuesday is together so there is always some competition on their weekly quiz. And yes, there is one child that has scored a hundred on both of the quizzes. I won't tell you which one that HE is though. 
  • The rest of us zoomed through our work today-everyone was finished before noon. It was pretty nice. Keaton and I headed out to the library in time to pick up Reagan and Anderson from their classes. Keaton was pretty excited that she went with us because we came home with two different library craft projects. 
  • Back at home, I cooked my 10 pounds of meat which took a while. Robby prepared his meat to cook tomorrow. I did finally decide to walk on the treadmill-I am trying to up my Hallmark movie count since Shannon inspired me this weekend. 
  • We had lasagna for supper. I do believe that tonight was the first time that we had sat down at the table all summer long. Now we have eaten together while camping, but not around the table in a long while.
  • After we ate, I started one more movie-I have decided that it is easier to pay attention to a movie while I am walking on the treadmill than in the living room. I am half way through this movie and bless, I can't tell you a thing about what is going on!

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