August 18, 2021

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  • Our days just seem a bit busier since we started school around here. I knew that Anderson had to run to Raymar to work for a little bit this morning so I didn't do our normal work together time. I wanted him to have plenty of time to do as much work as possible. 
  • Plus I did wake up a little bit later than usual this morning. I slept great last night and don't think that I woke up at all. Robby didn't sleep as good as I did. His bites still are bothering him. He had to have a shower at 6 this morning-which was probably a good thing since he started a load of our laundry. Of course I wasn't too happy about that this morning since I then had another load of laundry to fold.
  • However, Andrerson's thing was cancelled so the kids had an extra hour of school. For some reason today, some folks were extra pouty (Keaton), extra crazy (Anderson and Graham) and extra distracted (Whitman). Campbell and Reagan pretty much hid in their spots and got their stuff finished without any drama.
  • All of my morning and most of my early afternoon is filled with school these days. I always have to work with Reagan after lunch. Plus for Whitman to finish before lunch, I work with him after lunch on our things that we have to do together. So basically at 2 this afternoon, I finished with my school work.
  • I then had about 10 minutes to get ready before leaving with Campbell. Campbell is missing one of her best buddie's birthday parties this weekend while we are gone. So we picked up the birthday girl and took her to jump at Defy for an hour plus picked up some Sonic drinks. 
  • They had so much fun jumping. A few years ago, we had passes and went a bazillion times. I kind of miss that place-the kids enjoyed it so plus it was pretty good exercise for them. Maybe some day we can do the passes again (right now they are so expensive.)
  • Since I was out having all of the fun with Campbell, Robby couldn't let the others feel left out. So he ran with Keaton and Graham to Sonic for some drinks. They came home just grinning from ear to ear because of their little treat.
  • When I came home from my outing with Campbell, there was time to write out the grocery list before leaving for Reagan's first soccer practice. Robby dropped Campbell and I off at Walmart first, and then he took Reagan to practice down the road.
  • Before he arrived back at Walmart, Campbell and I had already bought most of the things that weren't cold on our list. We were doing some speed shopping. She did find some black flats and I found socks for Whitman-all of his socks are incredible small-like Bentley size. 
  • We walked around Walmart until it was time to pick up Reagan. When she was finished with practice, she was a hot and sweaty mess. Her first words to us were, "I think that I should bring a towel next week." Ha! She definitely needed a towel.
  • Meanwhile back at home, Keaton was making herself nachos for supper. She asked Whitman if he had eaten supper, and his answer was "I don't know." She wrote me worried that she had fed him a second supper. He had not eaten supper! But gracious me, that child!
  • We did run to Costco on the way home. Reagan and Campbell had pizza from the deli. They said that the pizza was better than pizza from anywhere else. I was pretty shocked-though I did eat some of Campbell's crust and was surprised at how good it was.
  • When we came home it was already late, but I did manage to finish making my breakfast burritos that I started this morning. Then I made cornbread cookies form a Crumbl copycat recipe. They were delicious. Now, I am the only one that can say that because I am the only one who ate one. Everyone else opted for ice cream! They certainly missed out!

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