August 7, 2021

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  • A lazy Saturday morning for most Dennie kids. Well, actually all of the Dennie kids. I had emptied the dishwasher, folded my laundry, made banana bread, and taken Bentley on a walk before anyone else in the house woke up. 
  • Anderson and Graham were in need of some Sunday clothes so we ran a few errands with just them this morning. You are considered to be low of Sunday clothes when you wear the same shirt two weeks in a row and your brother also wears the exact same shirt two weeks in a row. 
  • We ran to Old Navy and found a pair of shorts for Graham along with a golf shirt. Then we also found 2 golf shirts for Anderson. We looked for him a few tshirts at the next two stops (Sams and Walmart) but didn't find anything that he liked (me either though-I would be a good tshirt designer).
  • The boys did find a Christmas presents that they needed at Sams and Walmart. I figured we might as well start stocking up. (Actually, I've already put them in a bag for Grannymom.) Campbell today said that Christmas was just in 140 days. That just makes me want to vomit-kidding, I love Christmas. 
  • We dropped Graham off to swim at a friend's house today. He was over there until around 5. When he arrived home, a gaggle of other teenagers arrived too. Reagan was having some friends over. 
  • We made tacos for supper along with an experimental cookie bar. You are able to experiment a bit when you have as many cake mixes in your pantry as I do. We hit quite a few sales this summer on cake mixes. My experiment must have been edible because it was devoured by the end of the evening. Though Graham said that he didn't like it. He was actually the only one who said that he liked my banana bread so I do value his opinion.
  • Reagan's friends stayed until 10 and then this party over here pretty much shut down. We ushered folks to bed just hoping that they have had showers this week since tomorrow is church. Keaton said that she wasn't dressing up since we didn't have Sunday school tomorrow. 

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