August 27, 2021-Weekend at Lake Degray

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I woke up about the same time as usual this morning. I guess I was thinking about all that I needed to accomplish. I had the laundry, dishes and my shower finished by the time that I started to wake up Reagan and Anderson.

One of those children woke up a bit cheerier than the other, but they both dutifully started on their school work. They were both able to finish their papers that are due on Tuesday so that was a big win. I know that Anderson knocked a few big things off of his list. 

However, by 11 I had pretty much finished helping them. And I had also finished everything that I needed to do in the house, so I turned on my Hallmark movie. I did definitely set a timer since I had told Robby that we would leave at 12. I tried to fast forward it so I could watch the whole movie, but that didn't work out too well, so I still have some to watch when I get home.

Meanwhile, Robby text me around 8:30 this morning. Bentley had to go out so they did that. When she came back in, she crawled right into our bed and went sound asleep. That is where they all stayed until 9:30ish. 

Then they baked cinnamon rolls inside for their breakfast. Robby did set the hot pan on something rubber briefly. Then he put the pan back in the oven only to have the residue of the rubber on the bottom of the pan smoke up the camper. Ha! They soon had all of that taken care of and went on two different trails this morning.

Reagan, Anderson and I arrived just as they had set back down from their walk. They must have been back at the camper for a little bit because they had pretty much gone through the whole bag of popsicles. We had the most relaxing afternoon just all sitting in the shade in our lawn chairs with nothing at all to do. It was pretty perfect. 

We did walk a bit of one of the trails again this afternoon so they could show it to me. Then we pretty much just sat! We also did a bit of waiting because the kids were anxious for all of their people to arrive. First the Crafts showed up. Then the Heltz followed by the Kamps. The Fergusons are on the other side of this place. We will probably hang out at their site tomorrow some.

We knew that our campsite is a buddy site-and man, is it ever. It is a massive campsite-big enough for all 36 folks here to hang out. We share this site with the Kamps-they are pretty close (like our awning had to be pulled in). However, it is really a neat site.

We eventually did get around to making supper. Tonight's supper was quesadillas. They are just so much better when they are grilled outside. The cleanup was pretty easy so when we finished we were just able to sit around-kind of the theme of the day.

The kids had fun riding their scooters and bikes some today. The Kamps even have a motor bike (or some something) that the big boys have driven around the loop on. The hammock has been hung up and the baggo boards are out. Honestly, we could stay here for weeks!

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