August 21, 2021-Northwest Arkansas Adventures

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Robby and I woke up at some point this morning whenever he had set his alarm to go off. I was wide awake because I had been needing to go to the bathroom for hours in the middle of the night and was determined to wait. Seriously, crawling out of that bed is a lot of work.

Robby might should have waited a bit when he got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He bumped into Reagan in the hallway as she was leaving the bathroom herself. They both startled each other! He was up actually to take a shower since his bug bites were bothering him. (We have different approaches to bug bites-he doesn't scratch and I have just scratched the fire out of mine. Mine don't itch nearly as bad now and he is still suffering. Maybe scratching is the best method.)

Again it did rain for a few minutes this morning as we were getting ready. It didn't take too long for us to get ready and stir this morning. We moved pretty quick and were soon out the door headed to Top Golf. We arrived just before it opened and sat in the car until the line started moving into the building. From there, we jumped right in the line.

We didn't have to wait at all and were soon placed in a bay. We were on the top floor which was neat, but we were also right against the wall so that wasn't wonderful. The first round Whitman was the winner. It did help that Robby hit quite a few golf balls for him. Whitman did eventually figure things out and score some points himself.

The second round winner was Anderson. We played for 2 hours so the kids had plenty of time to play...and eat. They had a special where you could buy 6 meals/appetizers and basically you would save some money. We certainly did that-we had cheese dip, cheese fries, pizza, a hamburger, tacos and injectable doughnuts. The food was all really good too-or maybe we were hungry. 

The kids all did really well golfing. Campbell really improved towards the end. And Graham, well, he needs some more practice. However, we do think that he did better hitting the ball with his right hand instead of his left. Not sure, but he will have to go to the driving range and practice some and figure out which hand he needs to hit with.

After our time was up, we headed to our new favorite place-Crumbl Cookie. This week the flavors are buckeye brownie (super rich), sugar (super sweet), orange creamcicle (ok), honey bun (my favorite), cake batter (also yummy), and plain old chocolate chip (I really haven't tried it yet this time.) We bought way too many cookies, but we are steadily eating through them. They are so big and rich that I cut them into quarters to eat. 

Our plan had been to go from there to eat a grilled cheese place that Graham really wanted to eat at. However, after eating at Top Golf and sampling cookies once we got back to the camper, we soon realized that eating lunch would have been just plain silly. So we will have to take a rain check on that restaurant, but I put that on the top of the list for next time we are in NW Arkansas.

After a walk around the loop for us and a bike ride down a trail (probably for a few miles) for Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton; Shannon came over to sample a few cookies. When she left, we decided that we should load up. We started putting things away and loaded up the car. 

Robby had some problems getting the trailer on today. He wasn't at the right angle and soon had it done. That was our only kink in getting things loaded. Then we had smooth sailing all the way home. We did stop for gas (a little bit) once as we left. And finally we stopped for gas (to fill it up) when we made it home at Costco. The girls and I bounced out of the camper and headed to the door to go in.....but that silly store closed at 6. Who closes at 6 on a Saturday night? That's just sillyness!

We have the unloading of the camper down. The kids all help take loads to and from the house. Within 15 minutes of pulling in the driveway, the camper was empty and the washers had been started. It was a good feeling. Robby moved the camper around the dump in the septic tank while I worked inside. 

I did run to a friend's house to work on a cricut project (failed), but when I came home, I did figure it out and things hopefully will go more smoothly tomorrow. The kids all had showers and eventually we got the crew to bed. I am sure that the boys are still going strong upstairs. I know that the girls talk at night, but they are at least quiet-the boys not so much!

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