August 3, 2021

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  • Second day of school here, and we all survived. That was definitely a win. It probably helped that Keaton and Campbell didn't get home until after 10 today. They had spent the night at a birthday party. They weren't too ready to come home and do school, but they did manage to do a few things.
  • Whitman was a bit slower today. And Reagan wasn't finished for a long while-she said that she had gotten a late start which I think it code for "I took a nap."
  • I had a meeting at church this afternoon. While I was there Robby took the kids to the pool. I then met him there and loaded Graham up to take him for a hair cut. The haircut didn't take long at all so we were soon back at the pool. 
  • We weren't home too long when it was time for Anderson, Graham and Campbell to load up. They went to a Traveler's ballgame with Jason. I think that they had a good time-they had good seats and hot dogs for their supper so I know that they had a good time. 
  • After we dropped off the kids at Jason's house, I ran into Target to get some eye drops. My eyes have been miserably itchy the past few days. I am pretty sure that it is allergies, but gracious I want to claw my eyes out at times.
  • Then we did go On the Border for some cheese dip. We weren't there too long, and on the way home, we bought Sonic for Keaton and Whitman along with Starbucks for Reagan. I will say that I think that our kiddos are pretty spoiled!

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