August 11, 2021

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  • I was awake before my alarm went off this morning-well, I was awake enough to grab my phone and change my alarm back a few minutes. I knew I couldn't sleep too long because there are three things that I feel like are necessities before school starts-fold the clothes, empty the dishwasher and walk the dog.
  • For a few days we had been starting the dishwasher the night before and emptying it before we went to bed. However, we forgot yesterday so I knew I had to wake up in time to do that. However, I also knew that my laundry waiting for me in the dryer was a smaller load than usual so there was a debate going on in my mind as I did figure out what time I really wanted to wake up. 
  • Surprisingly, I picked the earlier time and even had time to tie dye one of my shirts before I had to wake up the kids the second time before we started on our school work. As Comm Central assignments roll in, I am getting a bit overwhelmed. I am not exactly how they (especially Anderson) can keep up with both. I did help him make a list tonight and explained that we can slow down on a few things if we need to here to give him more Comm Central time until he figures out his scheduling. 
  • We left for the pool around 2 this afternoon with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. They were excited to get to swim because we have been talking about us not having too many more days to swim this season (hallelujah! They love the pool, and I love that for them. However I am looking forward to things slowing down some-does that ever really happen though?)
  • While they were swimming, I left them and Robby to go with Reagan to return something from Kohls, get her hair cut and pick up a gift. Now when we were getting her haircut, the lady took forever on Reagan's hair. I am not saying this is a bad thing-it really is probably a good thing. But it did take a good long while-maybe she took longer so I would tip more (I did)
  • Then we hurried home to regroup for tonight. Reagan had a friend's birthday party, and the rest of us had Nonna's 75th birthday party. Pops had pizza for us to eat, and we brought dessert.
  • I had tried to make a red velvet cake. Hmm, it was edible, but my cake was very dense. I guess it is because I put the batter in the fridge before baking it. The icing was made by Graham and was delicious. The cake was decorated by Campbell and looked perfect. The words on the cake were written by Keaton and looked really good. It was a group effort and at least the outside of the cake looked nice!
  • After a bit we headed home for a while. Robby and I did eventually run over to the Wilson's house for a few minutes so the dogs could play some. They were much nicer to each other tonight. Then it was home for a little bit before I will have to head out again to pick up Reagan from her party. 

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