August 30, 2021

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  • I was too surprised when I didn't wake up in time to take Bentley for her morning walk. However, we did manage to walk around the yard for a bit, trim her nails some and brush her well. Robby wanted me to concentrate on her nails this week since she scratched the fire out of him the other day when he was holding her in the water and she was terrified.
  • We did start to school on time though we ended our work together a bit earlier than usual since the termite man was traipsing around the house this morning. No termites-that is a good thing since we had some the last time. 
  • School went pretty good today. I am not sure why my people who finish quickly don't to their chores first thing when they are done. That might have to change tomorrow. Whitman did do some extra things today which makes me supper happy-though I didn't get through with all of his together work tonight.
  • The day seemed to float by fairly quickly. Anderson had to be at Raymar at 4:30 tonight so Robby and I both took him to pick up the car. Afterwards, I ran to Dollar Tree looking for some things on my list, and I didn't have any luck at all. I was pretty disappointed, but I did leave with some really cute Halloween plates and napkins.
  • Robby ended up picking up Anderson today. So I came home while he ran some errands of his own. Then we all had supper-well, some folks had supper and some refused supper since this would have been their third night in a row to eat the same thing! 
  • Most folks had showers tonight while I did have Robby move the DVD player from the camper into the living room. So we ended the evening with a Hallmark movie.

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