August 26, 2021-Weekend at Lake Degray

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I sure do get tired of my alarm ringing every morning these days-it is like we are adults or something. This morning I sure couldn't get myself up too early. My goal is to climb out of bed in time to fold the laundry, empty the dishwasher and walk the dog before school starts.

I did have time to do all of this except Bentley only got a short walk around the block and not also down the street. Poor thing-and this is also National Dog Day. 

There was Comm Central for the big two this morning while the rest of us zoomed through the school work at home. If I can ever get extra house work done during the school day then I am super happy. Today I was able to fold an extra load of laundry and even vacuum the downstairs.

Robby and I did run to drop off the suburban-yep, the third of 3 cars to need repairing in the last few months. I guess that I am glad that we trust our mechanic. I guess we trust our mechanic! After dropping the car off, we picked up ice along with picking up 20 or so bags of popsicles at Kroger. They were on sale-so sell that they were free.

When we did get in from picking up Reagan and Anderson. I hurried off to go to the pregnancy center for the afternoon. Soon afterwards, Robby, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all headed off to Lake Degray to get our campsite all set up. The big kids and I are going that way tomorrow. We thought that they needed a little extra time to work on their school work. 

Robby and the kids made it to camp and set everything up. I believe that they had themselves a really great supper-hamburgers, french fires and mac and cheese. Meanwhile, I ran to Shannon's house to make an iced coffee for Reagan. That was Reagan's supper. While Anderson had leftover pizza. I didn't even heat mine up.

Anderson and I did some school work tonight. Currently, I am sitting in the school room using the only downstairs dvd while pulling out school for next week and eating ice cream!

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