August 8, 2021

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  • This was the first of the next few different Sundays around here. We aren't having Sunday school and are divided between two services. Walking into church felt like we were attending a funeral. The crowd was pitiful.
  • Thankfully church did not feel like a funeral, but it was definitely different. I am very thankful that our church has not decided to cancel their services. Cancel church-that is something that should really never be said or even discussed. What a day that we live in.
  • After church we had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. They had hamburgers which was Anderson's request. After eating Graham continued his birthday by opening his presents from Jason-a hat, speaker and gift card. 
  • We were around long enough for Robby to work on Pops computer plus there was a mean game of 20 questions. I think that Anderson and I are getting the hang of figuring out the answers to that game since we were way ahead of everyone else.
  • We went home so I could have my afternoon nap. I slept entirely too long but I did have time to make my salads for next week (eggs, chicken, tomatoes, beans, corn, cranberries, pecans, grapes and a tiny bit of lettuce), hang a picture and help Campbell make a dessert.
  • Of course we didn't have everything that we needed so I told Campbell that I would run to Dollar General while she got started. Well, she wanted to go. So we told Keaton we were leaving and she wanted to go. Then I hollered up at Reagan to tell her that we were leaving, and she also wanted to go.
  • That was fine since Dollar General will be one of the first places Reagan drives without us so she got some practice and drove. I guess she had never been to a Dollar General before and was very impressed. She may just be stopping there a lot.
  • Soon after Robby finished mowing and the boys were almost done from church so we headed to the Wilson's house for supper. We stayed there eating, chatting and doing some camper shopping. 
  • When we came home, we dropped off the kids and ran back to the Wilson's to pick up my water bottle that I left and life jackets for this weekend. Once at home, it was time to put these children into bed-actually, they are in bed but they are still going strong right now. I could hear the boys laughing and the girls are above us counting Mickey ears to hang on the wall. No one is going to sleep anytime soon tonight.

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