August 17, 2021

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  • Robby and I slept a whole lot better last night. We both did wake up at different times to take showers to help with our bug bites. I did rub some medicine all over my bites which practically cover my entire body before I read "do not use all over body." Ooops, thankfully I didn't overdose on that medicine!
  • Reagan and Anderson had their Comm. Central this morning. They got themselves ready while I did our morning work with everyone else. Robby took them to school where they had a good day. When they did return home today, Anderson could not wait to tell us about his 100 on a quiz. He was more excited about this because his score was higher than his sisters (95).
  • There was just as much baking today as there was yesterday. Keaton made pancakes from a recipe on her reading page. Pretty much the consensus was that the pancakes were not as good as the ones from the box.
  •  This afternoon I spent a few minutes working on cleaning out the laundry room closet upstairs. That took a few minutes especially since one things lead to another-Robby even ended up stairs fixing insulation in the attic along with repairing a door knob.
  • I left around 5 today to run to the library and to Walmart. I will say that I felt like a thief leaving Walmart without buying anything. I tried to find socks and tried to find shoes and tried to find school supplies, and I wasn't able to find a thing to buy in the store. Robby wishes that that would happen more often.
  • I had supper with the homeschool mommas tonight. While I was gone, most folks in this house were pretty busy. Anderson did school work. Reagan did nothing (her words), Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went swimming at the neighbor's house.
  • I made it home around 9 and worked on the blog a bit before it was all too soon bedtime.

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