August 19, 2021-Northwest Arkansas Adventures

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This was the first morning this week that I woke up in time to take Bentley for her morning walk. Robby did have his nightly trying to stop his itchy bites shower around 6:30 this morning. I have been sleeping so good the last few nights, that I sure didn't hear him. 

Not only have I been sleeping well, but so have the kids. I have had to wake all of them up the past few days. I was able to folk my laundry and take Bentley on a walk before getting everyone up today. I did discover that I forgot to start the dishwasher last night-that just makes me crazy when I forget to run it.

I actually even did some mending on a shirt of Reagan's before I woke the kids up. I normally wouldn't have done it, but I knew that she was planning on wearing it today to school. When I did wake everyone up, we were about to start on our together work when Robby called me.

He had realized that with the car on the back of the camper, we have to go straight out of the driveway. That would normally be fine except there was a wire a few weeks ago that fell down in front of our neighbor's house. Instead of the worker men fixing it correctly, they just tacked it up a bit. We weren't exactly sure that the camper would fit underneath it. So Robby pulled up and inched forward until we were sure that we could clear it. (Plan B was for me to inch the camper to the wire and Robby on the top of the camper hoisting the wire up so we could pass under it-it is just a cable wire.)

I was soon back in the house reading to the kids. Robby had to then rush off to take Reagan and Anderson to school today. They survived school-ha! I think that they enjoyed it. Anderson did a lot of work for me today while he was in study hall. He didn't leave with any new work on his plate, but i am not too sure if that was the same for Reagan.

As soon as they made it home, we were loading up the camper. A bit after 3, we pulled out of the driveway and headed towards Fayetteville. The drive was thankfully uneventful. We stopped only once on the side of the road so Bentley could go potty-she had barked twice so we took that as our cue. We were practically there when we did stop, but we didn't want to chance it.

We are staying the night at the Road Hog RV Park right across from the baseball stadium. I think that they put us at one of their best spots. The folks were pretty friendly-as Robby was unloading the car and backing up the camper! That made things a bit more stressful, but it was all just fine. We are pulled into the spot, their suggestion, so we have the evening shade.

It is a pretty neat spot-Robby would love to have a spot here during Razorback football games. Maybe some day, but certainly not anytime soon. Those prices are pretty high, but for tonight, non game days,  they are certainly reasonable. 

Our supper tonight was a hit. It was a freezer meal-manicotti. I had cooked it at home right up until we left the house. I had also heated up breadsticks as well. I put them in those heat carrier things, and surprisingly, our supper was still warm when we ate this evening. It made things super simple tonight.

We ate quickly, and then headed off to Three Crazy Berries for frozen yogurt. Reagan had been craving it so that is what we had tonight. It was yummy, though it did seem to melt pretty quickly. After eating we drove around the U of A campus for a little bit. It was quite entertaining watching all of the kids walk around the campus-it definitely is a happening place.

Back at the campground, we walked around for a while. Then we all headed in the camper. Reagan, Campbell and I sat outside for a few minutes, but we were afraid that bugs were biting us so we headed in. Inside we all just hung out while on our devices for a while. It was pretty perfect. It is almost 10-Robby is about to have a shower and then we will get to town on making the beds for this crew.

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