August 23, 2021

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  • Braces day around here. Robby was up early heating the grill up to start smoking some meat. Then he was off well before 8 with Campbell and Graham to get their braces. They were pretty excited about this day, and a little bit nervous.
  • It took over an hour for each of them to get their braces on. They both remembered well that whenever Reagan left her orthodontist appointments, she was treated to a snack on the way home. Well, today was a big treat day-smoothies from Tropical Smoothie and breakfast burritos for McDonalds. 
  • When they left, I started on my laundry and took Bentley on a walk. It was a big day for her-big day as in, she did pretty much nothing. She did manage to lay on top of our school work multiple times today. The kids took her picture quite often. Plus she did try on a few Halloween costumes so she can get ready for the big day (I know it is in a few months, but I wanted to know if we could make something that we have work or need to buy something. I have been looking, and golden retrievers seems to need xxxxl dog Halloween costumes which are hard to find.)
  • The rest of us were working hard on school when Campbell and Graham came home with their new mouth hardware. They had a little bit of school work to do today once they got home, but soon they were finished with it. We kept them full of ibuprofen so hopefully their teeth haven't bothered them too much. 
  • Robby and I headed out to the grocery store during lunch today. We went to buy meat so I could cook a pound or so (or actually 10) for this weekend. However, after stopping at Costco and Krogers, we were surprised that find that meat from Walmart would be 10 dollars cheaper. So the walmart order is coming tomorrow morning.
  • When I came home, I still had school work to do with Whitman and Reagan. Campbell even did Whitman's spelling with him-she enjoyed it, he enjoyed it-and that might just be her new chore. I even walked on the treadmill for a bit before we started on supper.
  • I have been wanting to make chicken pot pie for ages. However, most (really 6 out of 8 people) don't like veggies. There aren't many chicken pot pie recipes for no veggies but I did find an easy one that I adapted, and we had success. Thanks to one of Debbie's recipes in the church cookbook. Campbell, Graham and Keaton all helped me make this. 
  • Keaton didn't eat any though. Nor did Anderson. When I offered some to Whitman, he said that he would save some for Daddy. Robby was out mowing, but there was only about a 1/4 of the pan left for him. No one did go hungry tonight since I knew most folks wouldn't enjoy this meal (nor would one pie pan be enough if I did force them to eat it) so I heated up some freezer pizzas as well.
  • This evening went by pretty quickly. Another walk for Bentley along with some tv watching. Everyone is in bed right now-I did have to tell the boys to hush up once already. They were going strong-some days they just act so boy-ish!

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