August 28, 2021-Weekend at Lake Degray

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The title of today's blog could by "fried to a crisp" or some of my kids would title it "best day ever." Despite the sunburns all around my folks would agree that this was a pretty wonderful day. We started our morning with pancakes and bacon outside. We have gotten pretty good at this breakfast thing-Robby works and cooks outside while I work and prepare the food inside. We even thought of a few ideas of how we are going to streamline that process even more.

The first boat load was leaving the swim area around 9:30 this morning. Obviously, not many Dennies were on that boat. The Simpson's had a boat and the other families all rented a boat today. We originally thought that we would have to get the boat tomorrow. However, one became available today so we don't have to rush tomorrow pulling out of here.

Keaton and Campbell left first, and I did make sure that they sunscreened up. Everyone else seemed to slip through the cracks at least until lunch time. A bit later, Robby and I and the others found the folks. We had a perfect spot. We were up a bit from the water, but there was a place for the kids to play in the water and the boats could come up to the edge. 

They kept those boats running all day long. The guys had to be told to pull the boats in for lunch. Except somehow during the lunch stops, Whitman swapped boats. He was having the time of his life today. All of my kids figured out how to knee board except for Whitman. However, everyone enjoyed riding in the tubes.

We did manage to get a bottle of water to Whitman at one point, and it was about 3 or 4 when he came in for lunch. When he did get off of the boat, I told him that he missed Nonna and Pops who had come down for a little bit today. Bless him, he told me that I should have come and got him. He was so sweet.

Nonna and Pops were here about the time that most of the kids came in for lunch. They stayed a bit and even drove to see our campsite. When they went to see the campsites, I showed them around, and we stopped so I could stir my ten pounds of taco meat that was in the crock pot.

The kids boated until 6 tonight when they had to take the rented boat back. Robby and I never went on the boats today. Now, we did go on the kayaks for a little bit. But mainly we just sat in the shade watching the pretty lake. It was perfect really. 

When we came back to the campsite, we had so many bags and piles of stuff to go through. We managed to put most things away. However, everything has to be put up well tomorrow since we are going home. We worked pretty fast and furious since supper was soon happening.

There were 34 folks for supper tonight. We had taco salad with all of the fixings. It was delicious as always. There was a crowd, but the adults all had fun visiting while the big kids were having to help us share our pictures with each other. 

We stayed out so late tonight that we didn't even get around to making s'mores for snack. Well, Reagan and some of the big kids did make some. This kids are so tired. Keaton was just awake 2 minutes ago, but Robby just walked by and made sure that the tooth fairy came since she lost a tooth today while sitting on the boat. She was already sound asleep.

Even Bentley is exhausted. She went into her kennel tonight and just laid down. She was awake all day today since she went with us to the lake area. Robby even made her get in the water once-had to hold her the whole time like a baby so she wouldn't freak out. Usually at home, she naps a lot, today there were no naps for her so she is beat tonight.

I am sure that Graham and Campbell are already asleep. Now Whitman's sunburn my bother him a bit more than the rest, but hopefully they will recover well tonight. I know that they will at least sleep well tonight.

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