August 29, 2021-Weekend at Lake Degray

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Last night after I had finished the blog and as I was walking to take my shower, I heard something. I knew it wasn't rain since there was no rain in the forecast. I stood and listened assuming that it was the fan causing something to hit the wall. I stood there listening until Robby rushed past me saying "rain."

I put on my shoes while Robby put on his shorts and we headed out the door. Before bed we had put most of the chairs until the tents. However, we had things out everywhere. Laundry on the drying rack, tools, cords, baggo boards (not ours-I had at least put that away), oh so many things. We worked as the rain pelted us down. It wasn't a hard shower for sure, but it was a pretty steady one for about 15 minutes. 

It all ended up being fine this morning-we were able to make sure that most things were covered and we even tarped our clothes on the drying rack that we moved under the tent. And maybe because of the rain or maybe because you just sleep better when camping. but we all slept wonderfully well. 

Robby and I did wake up about 8:30 this morning and start getting ready. We had a lot of things to put away today and since it was a busy day with the boat once again, things were crazy all the day long. Today's breakfast was breakfast quesadillas-hashbrowns, eggs, sausage and cheese-it was absolutely delicious. Everything cooked outside does seem to taste better to me.

Campbell and Keaton made sure that they were on the first car that left the campsite. And I made sure that they and every Dennie was super sunscreened today. For the most part, the kids are not too crazy burned. Campbell's face is pretty pink and Anderson's arms are. And Whitman-it probably didn't help that he had on a red shirt some today, but he is red still. And well, Reagan-her face was swollen this morning because of her sunburn. She even went to bed with ice tonight. I keep reminding them to remember how much fun they had this weekend every time that sunburn hurts.

Soon I took the rest of the kids to the Ferguson's campsite because we were basing out of there today. They all had turns on the boat and even Whitman was able to knee board today. Campbell said that when he finally got up, he was grinning from ear to ear. Also, Campbell told me that when they were on the boat, they saw a bald eagle today.

Check out was at 3 today, so there was a lot to do. After dropping off the kids, I went to pick up Robby and help him pack up some things. Then we headed back with lunch for our people. Some of them ate and some continued boating. Around 2:30, we collected people and packed up.

I headed out a bit before Robby and the others with Reagan, Anderson and Graham. The big boys wanted to make sure that they made it home in time to go to church tonight. So that is what we made sure of. Reagan missed a soccer scrimmage today. When she woke up, she said that there would have been no way for her to play because she was so sore-not from her sunburn but from holding on to those ropes yesterday.

I made it home and had the kids unload my car before letting them go in to shower. I had almost finished putting those things away when Robby and the others arrived. They were closer behind me than I had thought. We did let the kids get by easy today and not make them help with the unloading process. We just took our time and put things away as we went.

Currently, we have washed 5 loads of clothes and I have about 3 more to go. I am washing all of the bedding this trip which doesn't happen every trip. The boys went to church and afterwards, the Wilson's came over for some taco salad (remember that 10 pounds of taco meat that I had-well, about 2 pounds were left over.)

Campbell made brownies for our dessert which we finished off. Shannon and I looked at videos of people's super organize pantries-so maybe that is what I want to do soon. (Really though, I should clean my shower first). 

Folks are still tired here and there was some confusion with the kids on when Labor Day (ie no school) was so bedtime was an event for sure. I do believe that everyone is asleep now, so hopefully we will all sleep well tonight-probably not as well as in the camper.

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