October 10, 2021-Balloon Fiesta

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I had to go to the bathroom at 6:10 this morning. I debated not getting up, but since I had to I did ask Robby to please not look at the clock. Well, he did, and we were zooming down the road in about 35 minutes later.

I decided that I would stay in bed with the dog. That lasted about 2 minutes-I don't see how anyone would want to be in the back of that camper-it is a bit bumpy to say the least. I didn't take me long to find my clothes, get myself ready and crawl to the front. Bentley didn't seem to mind at all and stayed asleep on my bed for another good hour or so.

We did eventually stop at a rest stop for Bentley and the driver to potty. The kids were stirring by this time, but not too much. For the most part the kids stayed in their pjs all day long. I don't even think that Reagan left her spot during today's drive.

Robby and I had some work to do today-we had to finish our audiobook since it is due tomorrow. It was a total of 14 hours long, and we had about 4 or so hours left today. It was a good book-though some of it was super hard to follow. 

We stopped another time for gas, and Robby was able to dump. Other than that we didn't stop too much. Well, maybe there was even one more gas stop in the day. We were home by 1:30ish and went right to work on emptying that baby.

The kids helped quite a bit. Though for a good long while Graham was the only one doing anything. I am not sure where the others were hiding, but after Graham had made his zillionith trip, I told him he could be done and to tell the others to come and help.

Emptying the camper doesn't take long at all really. It is just a lot of trips to the laundry room and to the kitchen/fridge to put things away. The kids were able to make all of the trips for me and within 30 minutes things were out of the camper.

Tonight I cleaned the place up so we will soon be ready for the next trip. Currently we have done about 6 loads of laundry since every single thing in that camper has to be washed-that's a lot of bedding! 

Keaton had a birthday party for Charlotte so she was gone most of the evening long. Anderson had his lifegroup at Raymar and Campbell and Graham went to Rock Creek for church. That only left Whitman and Reagan here all evening long. 

Robby picked up pizza for our supper. After getting everyone home tonight we pretty much did nothing at all!..and it was wonderful!

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