October 9, 2021-Balloon Fiesta

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We slept with all of the slides in last night, and as soon as our alarms went off at 5:45 we were rummaging around looking for our clothes. We had made the kids pull their clothes out to be ready, but Robby and I sure didn't do that. 

We were both outside of the camper by 6. I pulled the car to where we had designated hooking it on, and Robby pulled up a minute behind me. I think this was the first time that we had hooked the car up while it was still dark outside. We had a big light and worked quickly and quietly since we were still surrounded by sleeping campers.

We hooked that car up with no problem. Then we saw the mass of people walking in to the park. It was like Moses and the Israelites-seriously, just a row of people as far as the eye could see walking. I am sure that happened every single day along with the miles to stopped traffic on the interstate heading that way, but we had never seen it all before since we were just right there.

We drove for a good while before stopping at a rest stop-possibly, that was the first time to stop. I just can't remember it all very well. I usually try to write the blog during the day on trips, but I didn't grab my computer today so I never started.

I believe that our first real stop was in Midland, Texas at the midpoint of Route 66. Some kids were still in their pjs but they didn't mind hoping out for a picture. Then we finally made it to Cadillac Ranch-old cars buried in a field that is now a tourist mecca to come and spray paint. 

The kids were shocked that we had spray paint ready to go with us. Of course we are prepared like this-this isn't our first rodeo nor is it our first visit to Cadillac Ranch. This was the first time that that they had a gift shop there. We used that opportunity to buy a sticker for the camper. If we keep going at this rate, there will be no more room by the end of the year for stickers.

We stayed for a little bit spray painting. It was pretty warm outside along with a decent wind-my hair was a mess of tangles when we got back in the camper. The next stop was an RV museum near Amarillo-Sismore's RV Museum. It was a neat little museum that we were able to walk around quickly-it was half time for the hogs.

We then made it to the Big Texan just as the game was finishing up. The Hogs had 14 seconds left, and we were watching it in the camper...and then our buzzer rang signaling that our table was ready. The boys watched the rest of the game at the table-they were extremely quiet as the Hogs scored again and they were also quiet when they ended up losing the game. 

Our food was pretty good at the Big Texan. Now, it wasn't anything to write home about. We enjoyed it, but I might pick Colton's over Big Texan. Robby and I split chicken tenders, and they were just that-nothing fancy at all. Everyone ate most of their meal-Reagan and Graham were the only ones to bring anything home-they had leftover steak. (Graham had his for supper tonight).

After the Big Texan, it was back in the car for another good haul. This time we did get turned around looking for gas, but we had no problem turning this rig around. Then we went to Pops' Soda Shop on Route 66 for a drink.

It was a fun little stop which we all enjoyed. They had quite a few flavors of colas-I picked gooey butter cake while Robby had green apple. The kids though were disappointing-they all picked out traditional flavors.

We didn't have a spot for tonight. Robby knew that there was a campground nearby. The problem was that you couldn't reserve the spots. It was just drive up only. We knew where the pull through sites were and headed that direction with our fingers crossed. 

We must be living right because sure enough there was one spot left in this area. We pulled in and set up for the evening. By this time it was nearly 10. Robby hooked everything up-getting us water which we were pretty out of. He had already dumped at a gas station earlier in the day so we could at least go to the bathroom freely.

We pulled out leftovers for supper-soups, green beans, soft tacos, corn dogs and even a few hot pockets. Afterwards, the kids started taking their showers-right now Anderson just walked out of the shower and climbed into his bed. He was the last Dennie kid in line for the shower-now it is my turn. 

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