October 24, 2021

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  • Some days when the alarm goes off I refuse to believe that it is really time to wake up. Today was one of those days. Thankfully though, Robby's alarm is the one that went off and he had forgotten to reset it from yesterday's early soccer game. We still have about 30 more minutes to sleep. 
  • After those 30 minutes. I took my shower. Then I tried to wake everyone up, but the main one I worked on waking was Whitman because I knew he would want to go do my chicken duties.
  • He certainly did, so we walked down the road-me in my church clothes and him in his feety pajamas. We did our chicken duty and then came back down to home.  I finished getting myself ready, emptied the dishwasher and folded those never ending clothes.
  • Then it was time to pay attention to Bentley for a few minutes. We went out and pottied again, mad her kong and even brushed her. That dog loves to be brushed-she will get up anytime when we asked about being brushed. 
  • We then headed to church-Anderson sat with his friends down stairs. Campbell and Keaton also set with their friends that they had spent the night with. I didn't notice this, but apparently Campbell and Keaton were continually pinching each other at some point during the service. It was enough that their daddy noticed. He said they stopped just seconds before he was about to go and end it himself. They would have thought their lives were over if Robby would have walked across the balcony to correct them-well, their lives might just have been over!
  • Since we had already had our Sunday lunch on Friday, we picked up pizza on the way home. Before we did make it home though, we stopped at Nonna's house to drop off some of her Christmas presents. One Walmart bag full, 2 garbage bags full and one massive box-it was just about 6 different presents, but everything this year seems to be on the large scale. 
  • After eating, Robby, the girls and I ran some errands. First we went to one Walmart. Then while Robby was checking out, the girls and I ran to Sams to look around. Then Robby dropped Campbell, Reagan and I off at Kroger. He ran to another Walmart and to get gas with Keaton before picking us up at Kroger. 
  • All of that only left me about 25 minutes for my required Sunday afternoon nap. I soon had to take the boys to their life groups at two different houses which were thankfully in the same neighborhood. 
  • Then I came home for more chicken duties. The Wilsons came over for supper tonight-toasted ravioli and tortillini. Then the kids came trickling in-Anderson and Graham were brought home by Wes, Reagan drove home from her life group, and Brett brought Campbell home from Rock Creek. 
  • We all ate and had plenty of dessert thanks to Shannon's leftover cookies and rice krispy treats. The kids played outside after we ate. When the Wilsons did leave, the kids had some downtime-Keaton and Campbell started on their school work.
  • Finally it was bedtime-tomorrow is a Monday so we need plenty of sleep!

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