October 29, 2021-Halloween Campout!

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Not only was I sleeping well this morning, but everyone else in our camper was sleeping well. Robby did stir first, but everyone, even Bentley, slept until 9 this morning. It was wonderful. Seriously, wonderful. It was overcast and cloudy most of the day long, so it looked like it was super early, when we finally did start stirring. 

Since it was rainy yesterday, we didn't start pulling out camp things. This morning though the rain had dried up so we went to town making this place look homey. We set up both tents plus the rug. I pulled out all of the chairs-we used to have less chairs than Dennie bottoms, but not we have plenty of chairs for extra bottoms. We had our three tables to set up as well as starting a fire. We strung up our two strings of lights along with 2 pumpkin light strings. Robby had bought a big Halloween blow up for the occasion so that was put as well. 

Whitman spent most of the day working on getting the fire to burn better. Robby said that he must have been absent on fire building day at boy scouts. I did spend a bit of time by the little smokey fire today though sitting in my lawn chair drinking hot chocolate. It was perfect-even though I smell super like smoke (which I love and Robby hates.)

We had told Shannon to come down at 10 for breakfast. At 10 we were no where near getting ready to cook our breakfast. We were still having fun setting up camp. We finally managed to get breakfast going about 11, and it was worth the wait for sure. We had pancakes along with sausages (patty and link) as well as hash browns. 

We have started pre-measuring the pancake mix in an old apple juice container. Then we just add the right amount of water and shake until it was ready to pour. The hash browns were just as easy-just had to add water for a few minutes. So once Robby did start on breakfast, it didn't take long at all. 

Shannon came down for breakfast. The Fergusons pulled in while we were making our breakfast. We pretty much did nothing for the rest of the day. We walked to the playground for a little bit with all of the kids. Wes and his little kids came over for a while.

Robby and Andrew ran back to our houses for a little bit to pick up some things that we had forgotten-nothing major (Bentley's shock collar, Keaton a long sleeve shirt, a back up ipad, and oh, a muzzle for Bentley so we can put her ear meds in.)

The kids hung up the hammocks so it looks like hammock city behind our campers. They had a lot of fun playing on them all afternoon as well. The breeze really picked up this afternoon, but I was still able to survive most of the day in my vest without a jacket so it wasn't miserable.      

I was busy all day long-like when Robby left not only did I have my hot chocolate and sit by the fire, but I also blew off the long parking pad that we are parked on. I arranged the bikes and had Campbell draw parking lines with chalk for the bikes. I am not really sure why I have the need to be busy, but I certainly do. But even with all of this busyness today, it was still pretty great though I can't really remember what we did all afternoon.

When Robby and Anderson got back from their outing to the house, the Crafts and Kamps had just arrived. So we did watch them set up their camp. This provided 11 more playmates for the group so things did really get a bit wild.

If I counted correctly, our group of people have 27 kids with us. That does seem like a lot for sure-and it really is. At one time at least 20 of them were playing on our 4 hammocks. But just as fast as they blew in, they soon left to go and play at another campsite. 

We took a few walks today to look at the other campsites. Let me tell you, we just thought we were all festive over here with our pumpkin blow up and pumpkin lights. This place is all decorated-some people have grave yards in their yard, I counted at least 20 skeletons, people have gone all out, and I'm sure more decorations will be added tomorrow. 

Jason brought some doughnuts for my kids that were left over at his work. So he stayed around a little while tonight seeing the kids.

Tonight we tried a new recipe-philly cheese steaks. Robby seemed to like his-I'm just not a meat girl and the kids (and I) felt like we needed a bit more sauce/cheese/something. Overall though it was pretty good. We ate everything that we brought so I will definitely say that it was successful meal which will probably try again to perfect.

After we ate, I eventually pulled out the s'mores plus the ooey gooey that Graham made. He received lots of compliments for his dessert. We finished that dessert off, but the kids didn't eat too many s'mores. After this, we sat around the fire and chatted for a long while. 

My girls stayed gone until the other families all went to bed. Then they returned to help us put things away. Clean up outside didn't take too long. Then Robby and I took Bentley on one more walk-though we got a little lost on our walk! We finally found our way back to the campsite (we could see it all along, but it was sure dark!) 

Then we went to town working on the inside of the camper. We had a lot of dishes to wash from tonight that Robby did while I swept. But before we could do any of that, we had to find places for the kids to be so we made their beds so they could at least get in bed.

We finished all of this around midnight which is why I am working on the blog so late. Again, it was a great day-I think that the big kids worry that we might just decide to sell the house one day and do this full time. That's a real possibility!


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