October 28, 2021-Halloween Campout!

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Trip days are hard days. We worked from sun up until sun down-well, not really. I guess I was kind of awake at sun up. When Bentley did potty early this morning, the sun sure wasn't up. However, soon enough it was. I tried to stay in bed as long as I could, but school had to start.

I woke everyone up. No one seemed to want to wake up this morning. Well, except for Whitman. After missing one morning, he was back in his early morning wake up routine. Reagan and Anderson headed to school while the rest of the kids and I did our morning work together.

Whitman just had a few things left to do today. He did take forever on his math, but man he sure loves reading. He is fun because I think that he loves getting library books as much as I love getting them for him.

Soon school was over, and I had pulled out all of the school for next week. I did sent Robby on a wild goose chase on where to get firewood. Graham kept telling me that I was wrong, and I wouldn't listen-he was right though and I was wrong! Robby still found wood so we won't freeze this weekend or especially next weekend.

Around 2:30, Robby pulled out with Campbell, Graham, Keaton and Whitman to head to Maumelle Park. We thought that Reagan and Anderson would be home in 20 or so minutes. I had planned on eating a bowl of ice cream and picking out some pictures after I swept the mudroom. I had just returned with the broom when they drove in. They came in one way just as Robby was pulling out another. Neither one saw each other, but it all happened at the same time.

I still picked out my pictures and even had a bite of ice cream before I left with Anderson and Reagan. We had some coupons at Kum and Go so we stopped there. Reagan used the coupon for a free bowl if you buy a Red Bull. She did that-well, we split the bowl. I am not sure what was in it-meat, rice, lots of things we didn't know what they were. However, it was really good-though the serving size was way too small to be worth 8 dollars. Anderson had a coupon for a "stacker"-I think that is what they called it. Whatever they called it-it was just a tiny, very tiny sandwich. He said that it was good though.

We then met the rest of the gang. Robby had helped Tony back into his spot. He said that it started raining then, and then continued off and on for the rest of the night. The weather didn't say that it was supposed to rain, but gracious it continued. What a mess!

We didn't really make camp tonight-it was too wet. The only thing that we did outside was to sweep some of the pine needles away. We figure that hopefully things will dry out tonight, and we can set everything out-we have a new chair plus some Halloween decorations.

Graham had basketball tryouts at Immanuel tonight. I took him along with Reagan and Anderson. I am not sure why they wanted to come, but I enjoyed sitting with them critiquing all of the players. Graham did really good tonight-though I don't think that was the best strategy. The team that they put him on needs a few more stronger players. 

We made it home just as the Wilsons had finished making supper for us. They grilled outside, but the silly rain and cold weather caused us to eat inside. And if that is not a camper size test, I don't know what is. All 11 of us sat/stood in there comfortably and ate our supper.

They had sausages and hot dogs along with all of the fixings. For dessert, there was ice cream and Little Debbies. I think that everyone had plenty. And really, it was all a pretty perfect evening. All of us right together-couldn't get any better. 

When we left their camper, we went back to ours. Graham had a shower after his practice while everyone else worked on getting their pajamas on. All too soon it was 10, which was fine. We are now all bedded down, and Robby and I are about to start a Hallmark movie. 

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