October 14, 2021

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  • It was a little bit difficult getting all of our people to wake up this morning for school. I am not sure how late they stayed up, but gracious as I was trying to wake people up for the second and third time I did decide that maybe we need to start going to bed earlier.
  • Reagan and Anderson usually do wake up fairly quickly so they can have time to get ready (Reagan), pack their backpack (Anderson) and make their lunches (both). Anderson brings things like granola bars and a sandwich. Reagan, however, brought carrots, apple chips, corn, a bag of chips, 2 boiled eggs, a drink, and crackers. She eats enough on school days to last her for the rest of the week.
  • The rest of us did our school work this morning. Whitman worked at full speed today as well finishing off a few things that he had left over from yesterday. After I had finished working with everyone, I started on some camper work.
  • Robby and I worked Bentley for a little bit around lunch time. I did a few more chores and soon was on my way to the pregnancy center for a little bit.
  • Reagan and Anderson made it home from school-they even stopped at the Dollar General for a few minutes on the way home. Anderson wasn't home too long before he had to turn around and leave for football practice.
  • It was raining at home when they left. Then it was pouring on my after leaving the pregnancy center. I was the one picking up Anderson so I was sure that he would call needing me to come earlier. However, the rain stopped so they were able to do their practice.
  • While he was there though I did some speed shopping-Hobby Lobby, Ulta, Tuesday Morning, Dollar Tree and Walmart. I found some Christmas things, but nothing really-welll, I did find a few things for my Christmas stocking too!
  • I picked Anderson up and despite his pleas for McDonalds and a cheese quesadilla from Nonna's house, we went home. Robby and the girls were cooking supper-poppyseed chicken. Well, I guess it was poppyseed chicken-we didn't have any poppy seeds and this recipe made it with rice so that was different-delicious though.
  • Campbell made a batch of brownies and Keaton made a batch of peanut butter cookies so we could celebrate National Dessert day with the Wilsons later this evening. When they left I finished my blog and then made my list for tomorrow-not as much school work tomorrow so maybe I can rustle up something fun to do! (And don't get too excited-by that I mean maybe hang some pictures in the camper)

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